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Telepresence – Changing the Communication Perspective

Telepresence – Changing the Communication Perspective


Undoubtedly, face-to-face conversation is the best method to communicate. Though the use of telecommunication, emails, SMS, and social media platforms have lessened the necessity of face-to-face communication, most people still consider it as a profound way to share ideas and viewpoints. Indeed, the argument is always in favor of face-to-face communication. Experts state that phone communication lacks the nonverbal cues that help us understand things better.

But, does your busy schedule allow you to have face-to-face interaction regularly?

The short and explicit answer is – A big “No”. The usual hassles of our daily lives are breathtaking, and we only have so much time to take out from our busy schedule. Traveling miles to attend a single meeting is unmanageable for today’s modern man, while other forms of communication are still considered impersonal.

So, how can we capitalize our time and make digital meetings fruitful?

With modern science transcending the realms of technology, there are tons of way to connect with your clients, audiences, leads, colleagues, and suppliers. Amongst all, one of the practical ways for virtual interaction is “Telepresence.”

Telepresence combines two great innovations, the Internet of Things and VR technology, to enhance the way we communicate. In simple words, Telepresence allows you to be virtually present at a distant location while you are relaxing in your cozy room.

Business entities used the first Telepresence innovations for video conference purpose. Today, the technology is used to enhance communication in different platforms including seminars, board meeting, and even classrooms. According to a recent research, face-to-face communication can inspire the participants to engage, concentrate, and retain the information for a longer period.

The combination of VR technology and the Internet of Things can further enhance the scope of Telepresence. With these two innovations, individuals can make a stout presence in different workstations without actually being present in the physical environment. Two companies, Empathy and Oden, have already initiated their steps towards this technology. The intersecting point of this technology offers a plethora of benefits that many industries can capitalize on. They have developed a VR device that works in conjunction with a remote controlled remote. The sensors embedded inside the robots transfer audio and video sensations to the VR device, allowing you to experience a more realistic communication.

The use of Telepresence will make a huge impact on how we communicate. Telepresence helps us to rejoice all the benefits of face-to-face communication while eliminating additional time and cost. And with VR and IoT technologies joining forces for the purpose, the advantages of Telepresence will be boundless.