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Voice Control Might be the Next Big Deal in the IoT World

Recently, I walked down the alley to see the next big tech expo happening in my city. When I entered the venue, many companies were introducing sophisticated gadgets empowered by voice command. Most of these devices Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other interactive voice interfaces. It seems as voice command will eliminate the use of […]

Alexa Has 15000 Skills in its Arsenal using IoT Technology

Xiaomi Secures its Position as Top IoT Wearable Manufacturer

Xiaomi has successfully secured its position as the top wearable manufacture in Q2 of 2017, as mentioned in the reports of Strategy Analytics. The company shipped 3.8 million products, capturing 18% of the market share, and proved itself as a proficient brand to design hi-tech wearable devices. The company outpaced Fitbit (3.3 million) and Apple […]

Apple Smartwatch – The Leading Wearable Technology

British Government Sets New Standards for Connected Cars

As connected cars are gaining hype, cyber-criminals are scuffing up new techniques to hack this upcoming technology. Cyber security breach on autonomous technology can be life threatening. In a bid to prevent hacking, the British government has issued guidelines for car manufacturing companies on improving safety protocols. The frequent cyber-attacks on connected cars, including Tesla […]

How British Civilians Responded to a Connected Cars Survey using IoT

Apple’s Digital Assistance is not yet ready to Rival with Google Home

When comes to AI, Google is the master. Today, Google’s Voice Assistance feature resides on the top, and it’s difficult to imagine its place at the podium. Google is world’s largest search engine, and it has been crawling the web and gathering information for decades. This, in turn, has lent Google the capability to become […]

Google Lens Revolutionizing the Meaning of Search

Six Major Industries Benefiting from the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, recently, has unveiled new gates of possibilities for businesses. There are lots of industries benefiting from this smart innovation. The use of IoT and connected devices has helped different industries to streamline their operational workflow and boost their production capability. Tomorrow’s world is going to be smart, and if companies are […]

IoT and Connecting Devices for Insurance Companies

Telepresence – Changing the Communication Perspective

Undoubtedly, face-to-face conversation is the best method to communicate. Though the use of telecommunication, emails, SMS, and social media platforms have lessened the necessity of face-to-face communication, most people still consider it as a profound way to share ideas and viewpoints. Indeed, the argument is always in favor of face-to-face communication. Experts state that phone […]

Are you Ready to Incorporate the IoT in Your Business?

Microsoft’s Sopris Project Will Improve the Security of Low-Cost IoT Devices

Microsoft’s Sopris Project is currently the talk of the town. It is an innovation from Microsoft that has the potential to secure affordable IoT devices. Every IoT device features a microcontroller that is vulnerable to external threats. Billions of IoT devices pose a significant threat to their privacy and security. Hundreds and thousands of IoT […]

Security Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Companies

Security Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Companies

Internet of things has enabled businesses to step into the next generation of industrial revolution – Industries 4.0. Today, numerous businesses are connected to the internet, thanks to the IoT and connected devices. The operational data from each workstation is stored in the cloud, allowing stakeholders to monitor the performance of every workspace. This, in […]

Six Major Industries Benefiting from the Internet of Things