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Tips to Select a Proper Business Dashboard for Your Company

Tips to Select a Proper Business Dashboard for Your Company


The requirement of modern businesses is more than just challenging. As the geographical barriers are being eradicated by the introduction of sophisticated technology – be it for the production of sales, it is stringent than ever to stay abreast with the market pulse while handling internal business conflicts.

Today, business entrepreneurs rely on Business dashboards to compile, analyze, and review collected data. As companies are extending their dimensions by leaps and bounds (remote management and outsourcing), it has become more than essential for businesses to install a multilayerd BI dashboard.

So, without wasting much time let’s look into the essential characteristics that an effective business analytics dashboard should possess.

Support Multiple Devices

The innovation in technology has altered business procedures. The operational activity of an entity is no longer restricted to office walls. Employees must work in various places from remote locations, and business dashboard must do the same. It should operate on multiple devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The modern business dashboard should offer collaborative functions to allow multiple units to work under a single system, from different locations. All users should be able to use the data from a single information pool.

Smooth Flow of Data

Business Dashboard should be multifunctional!

They should provide the information to the end-user without any obligation. The analyzed data should be a proper combination of numbers, charts, and other infographics, allowing users to consume data at an instance. Most dashboard feature simple design, while other make it much complicated to understand.

Besides that, the dashboard must be able to simplify every section. Even if the information is comprehensive, the detailed parts should be easy to access.

Right proportion of visual representation

Gone are the days when fancy analytical tools were the Holy Grail of businesses. Businesses now look for a dashboard that manages data with ease and shows readable reports. Excessive use of visual/graphical elements can be mind boggling at times. So, the dashboard must amalgam appealing visual elements with easy-to-read texts.

Simply put, the primary goal of a dashboard is to make the data easily consumable. So the right proportion of numbers, charts, graphs, and images is essential. Creating a harmony between these representation elements is the hallmark of an ideal dashboard.

Customizable / User oriented                                 

Although business analytics tools are operated by every personnel of an organization, they serve a different purpose for different departments. For instance, growth in profit can mean a satisfactory result for the sales team, whereas for production manager it could mean the need to produce more goods. Hence, a good BI dashboard should provide customizable reporting and analytics section that caters everyone’s needs.