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Smart Marketing with Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Marketing with Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things may seem like a minor technological innovation to many, but in reality, it is a gigantic wave of technology bound to a huge impact on our daily lives.

The Internet of Things is a wireless network of sensors and chips embedded in objects, animals, and locations, which allows easy transmission and sharing of data. Simply put, it refers to everyday devices able to send and receive information over a network. IoT will alter the entire scene of technology as we know it today; we will have deeper control over things surrounding us. For instance, an enhanced gas stove that can automatically contact you when there is no one around in the kitchen.

Although skepticism has prevented IoT from mounting to its rightful stage, it’s certain that IoT, in future, will affect everything we do. Rumors state, IT giants such as Apple and Google have already integrated IoT into their products. Products such as Google Glass and iwatch are embedded with IoT sensor, allowing them to study the user behavior.

IoT invention is a great achievement in human history. As cool as these gadgets are, things are just warming up for IoT. Soon the spectrum of IoT will transcend beyond smart devices, kitchen appliances and wearable technology, and transform the way we do business. Amongst all, IoT will make a huge impact in marketing. Here are four ways how IoT will make marketing smarter.

Abundance of Sales Data

Sales data is the lifeblood of any business. Imagine the improvements you can make if you can gather data about why, where and how your products are being used. You can design effective marketing strategies targeting specific clients and create a robust roadmap for the long run.

Your products will gather real-time data and supply it to your company, allowing you to understand user behaviors and create stout marketing strategies to serve the real purpose. You’ll be abreast with consumer insights and make instant changes to cater their unique needs. So if your product doesn’t stand up to your customer’s expectation, you won’t have to stay in the queue to get the reports and make changes. Decision making and deployment will be quick, and marketers will have a crystal clear vision on consumer data.

Smarter CRM

When combined with IoT, CRM tools are able to do more than just collect client data. They will organize and analyze the data, providing you real time insights on actionable results based on your target audiences.

The buyer’s cycle is sophisticated, and marketers have to monitor a plethora of elements, from engagement to conversion. IoT in conjunction with CRM can help marketers to eliminate the hurdles and streamline the overall buying process. IoT devices can notify where your customers are at the stage of buying cycle, allowing you to determine the right solution to allure them towards the end of sales funnel. With IoT marketers can make every second of their day count, without wasting time on the less important things.

Pro-active Social Media

When Facebook and Twitter first hit the internet, who would have known that they would make such great marketing platforms. Many marketers thought they were unworthy marketing tools and it would be a waste to spend time optimizing social media channels for marketing. But today, more than 80% brands worldwide use social media as a proactive marketing tool and 73% brands have confirmed they are getting better results by just spending 1.5 hours a day on social media sites.

IoT, when combined with these social media platforms can aid marketers embrace emerging trends. IoT is already integrated in some social media platforms, allowing users to automate posts and share contents generated by the devices themselves. Marketers will soon be able to make informed decisions and gather new customers and prospects that were unavailable previously. Undoubtedly, IoT will unveil new gates of possibilities for marketers in the days to come.

Know the Condition of Your Products

Before we start, here is a quick question.

What is the best thing about owning a smart device?

Smart devices can run their own diagnostics and enables the user to know if there is something wrong with the machine.  With the help of IoT, every object us around will be smarter. Eventually, we can detect even the smallest flaw and take precautions before a mammoth issue arises.

Similarly, marketers can detect problems on their products and pre-inform their customer before something critical happens. In most cases, customers only know about the problem when something serious happens. This will not only enhance the customer service but will help you to strengthen your relationship with your customers.


The integration of IoT is taking a rapid pace, and within 2020 it will hit 70 billion mark. So when your competitors will be rejoicing this new technology, don’t let yourself down by holding onto traditional marketing approaches.