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Satellite Technology to Empower Internet of Things and Connected Devices

Satellite Technology to Empower Internet of Things and Connected Devices


Recently, Gartner has stated that there will be more than 20 billion connected devices until 2020. The Internet of Things and connected technology will offer great opportunities for both consumers and industries. Everything from vehicles to household appliances will be linked to a wider network, providing us a stout control over the objects that surround us.

Though there will be a massive increment in IoT devices within the next few years, what communication technology will be prepared to control 20 billion connections?

If we take some time to turn our head around, there is less possibility for a single technology to handle a flood of connection and encapsulate the collected data into a single system. Given the ubiquity of satellite technology, it will play a vital role in the elevation of IoT sector and bring out the full potential of connected devices. Because of such reason, satellite operators are showing a keen interest in developing services to empower IoT.

Making satellite more accessible

Undoubtedly, satellite technology is a major influencer in IoT development. Technology in remote areas completely relies on satellites for communication and facility monitoring. In the next few years, satellite technology will become more important than ever.

Experts have predicted that the number of connected devices via satellite could reach 6 million until 2023. So, satellite expertise is collaborating with new technology to address the massive communication requirement of IoT and connected devices.

Currently, the satellite empowered IoT is dominated by narrowband providers. But, with the rise of technology, the demand of consumers will increase, in such circumstances, the actual potential of satellite connection will be unveiled.

The IoT cannot exist without the support of satellite companies.

For IoT to have a greater impact, the access to satellite services should me made easier. Satellite connections should be emphasized over electric antennas and power-friendly modems. This necessarily requires a push from satellite ecosystem. This facilitates access to satellite technology while complementing additional technology to enable hybrid solutions.

For instance, a profound satellite company “Progressive Satellite Operator” has collaborated with antenna technology providers to create a hub that allows IoT devices to communicate via satellite technology. The connection hub features a compact size and can be placed in the smallest place without any hassles.

Satellite Technology will Improve the Performance of Connected Vehicles

Cellular networks and Wi-Fi limits the navigational feature of connected cars. On the other hand side, satellite connection allows autonomous vehicles to navigate highways and city streets with ease. Hence, satellite technology will play a crucial role in the improvement of connected cars.

Satellite Technology can provide better updates to drivers regarding the road conditions, traffic, and help to map the best routes for travel.

Satellite companies play a vital role in the improvement of IoT sector. Today, more and more satellite companies are implementing best ideas to create to ensure IoT companies make the best use of satellite technology.