Home IoT News Robotics Taking the Connected World by Storm using IoT technology
Robotics Taking the Connected World by Storm using IoT technology

Robotics Taking the Connected World by Storm using IoT technology


As everyone is concerned about the “next big thing in tech innovation,” there is one technology overlapping all others, and it’s known as – The Internet of Things. Among every industry, Robotics is chomping off the fruits of IoT in an insatiable manner.

For decades the term Robotics has only been an academic research term. But the new surge in the technological world has made robotics available for an assortment of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, transportation, and defense. Soon robotics will be available for early stage entrepreneurs and investors. The technology will make its presence in various workplaces and residential areas.

Here are few of the future robotic technology that will soon hit the market.

Robots In The Sky

If you are unaware of this fact, then let me tell you “drones are robots too.” Soon drones will take over the sky and handle delivery and security patrol tasks. Many companies have already initiated their steps to make drones a perfect delivery solution. Two UK-based companies Aylo and FutureAcoustic have already started the process. Rumors state that traffic monitoring technology is also synchronizing drone into their system, but we are still unaware if this is a practice or a myth.

Collaborative Robotics

One of the rapid growing flocks of robotics and IoT technology is Collaborative Robotics (co-bots). These mini-robots are specially designed to aid humans and other machinery in defined workplaces.

Veo Electronics is introducing a sensor-based robotic technology capable of interacting with humans and machinery. The robots will be able to transcribe the data provided by humans and machinery and turn them into real-time actions.

Robots in Fields

Robotics will also make a stout presence in the agriculture sector, lessening human efforts. Automated robotic technology will be able to perform complex agricultural tasks with ease.

Robotic technology such as automated plowing machines, livestock monitoring robots, fruit picking robots e.t.c will be made available for farmers. And best of all, robotic technology will aid sustainable productivity and ecologically responsible regenerative farming.

I have listed only a few examples; robotic technology will be available across multiple platforms to streamline the workflow and mitigate human requirement to perform complex works.