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IoT Changing the Face of Shopping

IoT Changing the Face of Shopping


From the super sale in the Boxing Day and Holiday offers to graduation day and back to school shopping we are constantly updated with the hottest deals, thanks to the internet. While we ponder around to grab every item from our shopping list, retailers and wholesalers have a hard time stacking these products on their shelves. And it’s not just these guys, production giants like Adidas, Samsung and Nike are also grasped by the same problem. But, in a short span of time, these strains will be alleviated by the Internet of Things.

Today, customers are smart. And, most retailers know that it takes more than clambering over each other and offering the best bargain to seal the deal. Retailers and wholesalers should have a concise vision about their customers. Amongst all, this might be the most powerful weapon in any online vendor’s arsenal.

The Internet of Things aids online vendors to collect and store consumer data. With IoT, Vendors will have information such as user details, purchasing history and how their products are used in particular time of the year, allowing them to create competitive deals to thrive till the long run.

A bunch of IoT devices found in consumer’s home can help vendors collect such information. From smart watches to security cameras, these things can provide abundance of data related to customer’s tastes and preferences, allowing the retailers to create special deals for a specific demographic.

One of the recent innovations in the IoT world is the app called FridgeCam. The app allows the user to see what’s inside their refrigerator via their smartphones, regardless of their location. Consumers can also receive notifications when a particular product is going to expire. Another part is that the application will be connected to the nearest supermarkets. This will allow the user to locate the nearest store and stock the required items with ease. This will indeed enhance the overall house food supply, saving both time and money of the consumer.

Another brilliant innovation is the Supply Chain System Application. This application helps the store manager to address the volume of goods in their store using shelf sensors directly linked with the warehouse. The best part about this app is that the system to automatically order goods when the inventory volume is low. This will not only save time but will help the stores to raise their efficiency.

It’s obvious; more number of retailers will make noticeable shifts towards IoT. In 2017, we might see a drastic increase in the number of retailers who will make IoT an essential element of their store. With new IoT innovations hitting the market every day, coupled with easy-to-shop e-commerce sites, retailers will be able to improve their sales process while enhancing their customer service.