Home Technology The Internet of Things Needs Refinement to be used by lots of people
The Internet of Things Needs Refinement to be used by lots of people

The Internet of Things Needs Refinement to be used by lots of people


When I was a kid (14 years ago), my dad bought a fan with remote control. After he installed it in our living room, my mom yelled, “you lazy bone, can’t you walk 2 meters from the couch to turn on the fan.”

So what’s the point! We purchase things that lessen our work. Though we empower our laziness, convenience is the key that increases the demand for a new technology. Simply put, anything that saves our energy is welcomed into our home and even life.

Similarly, the Internet of Things defines everyday objects connected to a web network. Such devices can be used your smartphones and controlled via different applications. Today IoT covers a spectrum of home devices including refrigerators, doorbells, coffeemakers, lights, television, thermostats, and vacuums. For instance, with IoT, you can order your groceries via refrigerator, remotely heat A/C before you arrive home, and unlock doors automatically for your visitors.

But, why aren’t consumers accepting the Internet of Thing?

Maybe they are not as convenient as we think.

The first hectic task is to search and download the application while creating an account is a mood swinger for others. Sometimes it happens within a blink of an eye. Sometimes it takes all your weekend.

The main problem is many IoT applications are still unmatchable. You must open different applications to operate different IoT devices such as thermostats, speaker’s volume, and even lighting. The industry understands such hurdles, and many have already designed multi-platform application for future safety.

Another factor is security; more than 67% consumers believe that IoT manufactures should check the security compliance of their products before they launch it in the market. Lousy devices on a connected chain can put the security of the entire network in jeopardy.

However, there are devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home that allow you to control other IoT devices through voice command. And it is a significant breakthrough in convenience, and that is what we need. With a simple voice command, you can turn on/off your lights, networked thermostats, music system, and more. It does everything with ease, without you opening up an app on your phone.

But this doesn’t fully solve the problem. Voice control can revolutionize the operation of smart devices, but it doesn’t address the security problems, initial setup hassles, and only works with certain compatible devices. Such reason still makes me rethink, is walking 2 meters better than a remote control?