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The Internet of Things Might be the Future of Marketing

The Internet of Things Might be the Future of Marketing


As consumers, we are always drawn towards the latest innovations. For instance, consider smartphones. They have been around for just a few years, but you’ll see people sticking their eyes to the screen of their phones. Undoubtedly, smartphones are getting smarter day after day, making them more than simple devices to make phone calls.

Similarly, within 2020 we will have an abundance of smart devices for both home and offices. People will be talking to their refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers and they will be talking back to us. It’s simply amazing to see how technology is growing, and how it has affected our daily lives.

Such technical appraisals are made possible by the Internet of Things. It is a unique technology that connects every dumb device to a common network using sophisticated chips and sensors and makes them smarter. Did you notice how our phones got smarter in the past few years? That is going to happen to every object that surrounds us shortly.

Why is the Internet of Things the future of marketing?

Needless-to-say, the Internet of Things is changing the entire perspective of marketing. Amongst all other elements, marketing is one of the primary factors that has been influenced by the IoT. Today, we will look into four benefits of integrating IoT in marketing.

Exchange of Sales Data

Sales data is the Holy Grail of any business. And with the Internet of Things, you can have access to information such as why, where, and how your customers are using your products. The collected data will help you to create custom tailored marketing strategies to approach your target audience.

Smart devices can provide you real-time customer information in an instance, without the requirement of an IT professional to monitor the whole process. Businesses can make informed marketing strategies by using real-time data. This, in turn, will help companies to maximize ROI and improve future sales.

Smarter CRM

When your CRM tool is used in conjunction with the IoT, you can do more than just collect and store the data. The tool will automatically analyze the data accurately and provide actionable results.

As data analysis is a hectic task, smart CRM tools can help businesses to save both time and money. It will also help companies to understand where their customers are in the buying cycle. Besides that, you can make every second of the day count by resolving their issues and provide them the right ideas to inspire conversion.

Reduces Monitoring Downtime

Smart devices can easily reduce maintenance time, as they are capable to monitor their own functional aspects and contact support whenever required. Such sensors can detect minor errors and prevent them from anything critical happens. This ensures a better customer service, which indirectly builds trust and enhances your market value.

Predictive Social Media

When social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter were first introduced, marketers didn’t believe that they were worthy subjects to invest time and money. But within few years, they proved to be strong marketing platforms.

Social media is the best channel to connect with target audiences, it provides us to see what customers are into and how can we help them to reach their goals. Businesses can tailor custom solution by gathering the right ideas to boost their sales and maximize ROI. Plus, they are free advertisement platforms.