Home IoT News Where is the Internet of Things (IoT) now and where its headed?
Where is the Internet of Things (IoT) now and where its headed?

Where is the Internet of Things (IoT) now and where its headed?


We have all heard of automated cars and smart gizmos, but have we actually thought where the Internet of Things is headed. The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing in an exponential rate. Today, we have more than 4 billion connected devices powered by the IoT technology, which is ten times compared to 2010. From usual kitchen appliances to industrial machineries, everything is becoming smart. The impossible future promised in sci-fi movies are slowly turning to reality. So, without further undo, let’s look into the five possible IoT trends that we will see in the next few years.

Automated Vehicles

Before we start off here are two facts about automated vehicles.

  • Tesla successfully tested their self-driving cars earlier this year.
  • Uber initiated their first step towards flying vehicles.

With automated vehicles, consumers will be able to experience great features that were once considered as myths. From GPS tracking to traffic assistance, locating nearest gas station to defining shortest routes, IoT technology will make driving easier and faster than ever. Experts have predicted that within 2020 there will be more than 30% automated vehicles on the streets. Global motor companies such as Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, and Proton are investing a huge share of their revenue in automated technology. In the future, IoT will empower driving technology making vehicles smarter and safer.

Smart Cities

The global population is increasing in a compounded rate, and we have limited resources to cater everyone’s needs. The need of smart cities is becoming crucial than ever. With smart cities, people can optimize the available resources. There will be smart water management system, energy efficient systems, and automated appliances to ensure the best use of the available resources. Smart transportation will make the best use of available roads and mitigate traffic congestions. The benefits of smart cities are limitless, and countries across the world are taking initiation towards smart city technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The era of AI and machine learning is about to break. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of devices that use AI to store and analyze user data. Smart home hubs, automated lighting, thermostats, and even our refrigerators are embedded with smart sensors to facilitate machine learning. In the near future, computers will do our work for us without having to be programmed by an individual. Such computers will have integrated AI to learn our preferences and perform different tasks accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The Internet of Things has changed the face of technology like never before. It is one of the breakthrough innovation created to take us to a digital era where every device will be able to perform their designated tasks without human intervention.