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Internet of things (IoT) in Innovative Healthcare Applications

Internet of things (IoT) in Innovative Healthcare Applications


Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Like many other fields, the alteration has also influenced health care industry. Now healthcare providers can remotely monitor patients with the help of connected devices, embedded sensors, and actuators. The IoT platform connects everything to the internet. Health institutes can capitalize this technology to connect sophisticated devices such as MRIs, lab equipment, and CT scanner to a standard cloud network. Besides that, IoT technology empowers other health facilities such as Personal Health Care, Fitness Management, Health Prediction, and more.

Today, we will look into some devices that are designed to improve patient care.

AdhereTech smart wireless pill bottles

AdhereTech bottles automatically send patient’s data to health service providers via wireless connections. Doctors can passively monitor the data, analyze it, and intervene when necessary. If the patient misses the dosage then the device sends an emergency notification via text message or phone call. The messages are customizable in two primary languages, i.e., English and Spanish. The solution is currently used by a plethora of pharmaceutical institutes and health care providers to check the health condition of patients after discharge.

Asus Vivo Watch

Gone are the days when we had to wear a chest strap to monitor human heart beats. Now, we have a smart watch to do that for us. The watch enables the user to track accurate heart beats with the smart Vivo pulse technology and built in optical sensors. It also allows us to measure the calories burned per day and suggests correct exercise by analyzing our heart beats.

Quell Relief

Quell Relief is a wearable tech designed to cure your chronic pain. This optimal stimulation device uses revolutionary Quell technology to access the central nervous system that triggers your body’s natural pain blockers. The product was developed by experts in the lab of MIT. Its patented neuro technology automatically adjusts dosage to deliver maximum pain relief. Quell is easy to use and up to ten times efficient than competitive devices.

Google Smart Contact Lenses

When it comes to smart appliances, Google has always been a key player on the field. The company’s latest innovation is the new Google Smart Contact Lenses designed to improve the medical health of diabetes patient. It aims to analyze your teardrop and determine the glucose level. With this innovative device, people can self-check their blood sugar level without running around the nearest health centers,

Summing Up

With the Internet of Things, health care is becoming easier to manage. Innovative medical devices allow hospital staffs to gather and analyze patient resulting to proper health services. Today, IoT is embraced by a plethora of health institute to streamline their operational workflow.