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The Internet of Things and Entertainment Industry

The Internet of Things and Entertainment Industry


The rise of the Internet of Things has affected every aspect of our lives – in a right way. And with its wide range of offerings, we can assume that it is here to stay. In the past few years, we have seen this technology improving different arenas including manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and gaming. One of the lesser discussed topics is the Internet of Things in the entertainment industry.

The Internet of Things and Entertainment Industry

The lifeblood of the entertainment industry is an advertisement, which is currently in a dreadful state. But, users use ad blockers to skip additional contents that are placed on their table. Traditional advertisement platforms such as newspapers, television, and radio are slowly losing their grip, while some of them are even out of the scene. Today, users are on the internet for the entertainment purpose, and the advertisement trends are not delivering the desired ROI to the investors.

The internet of Things creates numerous opportunities for entertainment companies to collect, analyze, and measure information. The system studies user behavior and offers invaluable data to engage the users.

According to “State of the Market: The Internet of Things 2017” report, “The use of media and entertainment on digital devices increased by 120% in 2016 compared to 2013, the industry was third in terms of accepting IoT, with manufacturing (204%) and finance and insurance (138%) industries topping the chart.”

Using IoT for Generating Customer Insights

On the basis of predictions

With the help of IoT, service providers can anticipate the behavior of consumers and make predictions accordingly. This helps them to offer better services and entertaining contents in the future. For instance, a consumer has just come home after a live musical concert and from the IoT sensors in his car and his home, data can be collected based upon his preference and suggest him with programs that lie within his field of interest.

On the basis of situations

The IoT sensors on different home devices can be used to judge the mood of the customers, providing him the program that suits the situation.

Both these concepts can be used in conjunction to make entertainment channels more intuitive and automated. Hence, providing a better user experience to the customers.

Summing up

The scope of IoT in the entertainment industry is immense. Both end-users and service providers can receive immaculate benefits by embracing this technology. Today, many entertainment channels including YouTube and Facebook are capitalizing this technology to engage with their users. Soon, entertainment channel in the internet will look up to the Internet of Things to make their products and services better.