Home IoT News Google launches Cloud IoT Core, a managed IoT service
Google launches Cloud IoT Core, a managed IoT service

Google launches Cloud IoT Core, a managed IoT service


Cloud IoT core is a single platform that allows businesses to manage IoT devices, store and analyze the collected data, and build new IoT-based applications.

Recently, Google launched its own cloud-based IoT management platform – Google Cloud IoT Core. The working anatomy of this platform resembles with AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT. Although competition is a part of the game, Cloud IoT Core’s vision is much more than just competing with Amazon and Microsoft. Google is building this platform as per the demand of their cloud-based customers, enabling them to access Google’s every IoT applications. With Cloud IoT Core, Google is planning to tap into a much larger market. One of the Google’s spokesperson mentioned that both individuals and industries could benefit from this innovative IoT platform. He also added that there is much more to Cloud IoT Core compared to what AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT platforms have to offer.

Today, numerous companies are having a hard time collecting and analyzing the data collected from IoT sensors. Whether it’s a retail shop or a manufacturing company, the process remains a major issue for most businesses. Most people are searching for an easy way out, and Google’s Cloud IoT Core might be the right solution.

Google’s Cloud IoT Core is designed to eliminate the complexities related to managing IoT devices and the data collected by them. By providing this service, Google intends to undertake the major IoT tasks of their customers, providing them the required resource to manage the data by using Google’s services like Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Additionally, Google will allow customers to use third-party software and hardware from companies like Intel, Helium, ARM, Tellmeplus, and Sierra Wireless.

Cloud IoT Core solution comprises of two main parts.

Device Management: This section of the system is to connect IoT devices to the Google’s cloud platform. Users can either use a console to manually enter the devices or program the system to register the devices in a more automated manner.

Device management allows Google to create the identity of each device and authenticates it to connect to the cloud. It also maintains a logical configuration of each device and can be used to control the device from the cloud remotely.

Protocol Bridge: Protocol Bridge is a connection bridge to connect IoT devices and the Google Cloud Service. The protocol bridge has native support for secure connection over MQTT, an industry-standard IoT protocol. The Protocol Bridge transmits all the data collected by connected devices to cloud server, which is later used by the analytic system.

Currently, the Cloud IoT Core is only available in Beta version. But, soon Google will launch the full version with its software and hardware partners including Intel, Helium, NXP, and ARM.