Home Technology Four Internet of Things (IoT) Trends for 2018 in different industry
Four Internet of Things (IoT) Trends for 2018 in different industry

Four Internet of Things (IoT) Trends for 2018 in different industry


Wireless technology first started with the introduction of Infrared connection. But later, men wanted to connect from a distance. To fulfill the needs, Bluetooth was invented for the world. Today, we have Wi-Fi and dozens of wireless connectivity applications, yet our thirst is left unquenched.

In this present date, technology has breached the traditional barriers and introduced us to a plethora of devices with wireless technology. The introduction of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things altered the face of technology and unveiled the gates of a new technical era. Today, machine learning and artificial intelligence have taken the world by storm, and everything around us is becoming smart.

The Internet of Things is making its presence in the different industry, households, national security, and even garages. So, without further delay, let’s look into five emerging IoT trends for 2018.

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable Gadgets have made a stout presence in the present market. These devices are embedded with IoT sensors built for a specific purpose. Smartwatches to headsets, IoT wearables are leading the future of technology. Google Glass, Apple Smartwatch, and FitBit Fitness Band are few example of wearable tech.

Last year, Apple and Xiaomi, two of the leading wearable manufacturers, sold over 3.5 million wearable products in the first quarter of 2017. Experts state, this year the sale of IoT wearables will even exceed last year’s figure. Artificial Intelligence has affected every aspect of technology, and wearable devices are the best example.


About ten years ago, smartphones were introduced to us. Smartphones brought IoT technology into the limelight. In the coming days, smartphones will be used as a central hub to control other connected devices. Simply put, think of it as a key to The Pandora Box.

With smartphone users can remotely control other devices such as a personal car, refrigerator, home appliances, and other IoT integrated devices.

Smart Automotive

Automobile Industry is one of the early adopters of IoT. Today, different companies are deploying IoT technology to design smart cars. Amongst all Uber, BMW, and Tesla are the ones to present this technology to the market. Research states, soon there will be thousands of automated and self-driving cars on the streets.

Uber recently tested their flying cars in Dubai. The company stated that their product would be out on the market until the end of 2022. If this happens, Uber will make a statement in the automotive world.


Microchips were introduced decades ago in the defense sector. The chips were used as a tracer for the radar, to locate missing ships and war materials. Now, companies are capitalizing this technology to make products smarter and faster.

But today, the device is embedded in thousands of official and household utilities. Today, such circuits are used in mobile devices, pet collars, smart cars, kitchen appliances, and security cams. This has reduced theft risk to an extent and enabled remote management of daily tools.

Last Word

The Internet of Thing is the sea of technology. In coming days, new IoT trends will be introduced in the market. Let’s hope that the Internet of Things has more surprises for us.