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Difference between Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine to Machine (M2M)

Difference between Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine to Machine (M2M)


The Internet of Things is the latest buzzword in the tech world. Almost every company across the globe is willing to invest in this technology. But, if you are not a Tech Geek, chances are, you won’t have any idea about its predecessor – M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions.

Till date, most technical experts are still confused on these two terminologies. Many still believe these two terms are synonyms, and use IoT and M2M interchangeably. Though they share same working technology, there are few fundamental differences.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is a system of multiple devices connected to a common cloud network via chips and sensors. The sensor acts as a medium to transfer the collected data to a shared network.

Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions                                                    

An M2M solution enables direct communication between different machines and streamlines the operational workflow. It’s a work cycle where the activity of one action triggers other machinery to operate.

Differences between IoT and M2M

IoT is Bigger than M2M

Some state M2M is encircled by the spectrum of the IoT, while others argue that IoT is the evolved form of M2M technology. Either way, IoT encapsulates a spectrum of technology that is beyond the grasp of Machine to Machine technology and connectivity.

Flexible connectivity

While both technologies are based upon a single connective scope, M2M solutions primarily rely on connective tools such as wifi and Bluetooth. On the other hand side, IoT devices operate via advanced chips and sensors resulting in advanced connectivity and flexibility.

Scope of Work

The difference of scope is vast between these technologies. M2M solutions are only capable of defining a network of connected machines that work in conjunction with each other. Comparatively, IoT covers every aspect of business including machinery, inventory management, multi-level communication, and flexible responses.

Summing Up

IoT is a more advanced and sophisticated technology when compared to M2M. But, businesses still don’t believe that IoT is ready to replace M2M technology. The recent security breaches on the IoT have baffled the heads of entrepreneurs, and most are still holding this technology until a strong security protocol is designed.