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How to Create Robust IoT Mobile Applications for IoT devices

How to Create Robust IoT Mobile Applications for IoT devices


According to reports – By the end of 2022, the number of connected devices will cross 50 billion mark. And every person in the world, approximately, will individually own 13 connected devices. Industry 4.0 (the era of IoT and connected devices) will take the technological world by storm and empower our everyday essentials. This includes everything from our household appliances to cloud-based applications.

The key objective of IoT is to enhance work efficiency, cut human dependability, and make everything efficient and reliable. Today, the errors in each organization are immense. With the help of IoT and connected devices, we can mitigate such flaws and streamline the overall operational tasks.  Simply put, IoT helps us to optimize our work accuracy, enhance functional competence, and ensure exceptional user experience.

Within a short interval, the impact of IoT and connected devices will be seen across multiple platforms. Industries such as retail, automobile, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy management are already using the IoT platforms as a primary source for data collection. However, most industries are still lagging behind from capitalizing this invaluable resource. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what new IoT products will debut in the market.

Tips to Develop Simple yet Smart IoT Applications

Needless-to-say, IoT applications have breached the boundaries of standard mobile applications. They work in conjunction with different other devices to pass data and information. And, there will always be a cloud server to collect and dispatch the data gathered by the IoT devices. There are certain factors to keep in mind while developing an IoT application.

 Define Different Layers

While designing an IoT mobile application, the developer has to configure different layers such as the device itself, various connected devices, and cloud server where the data are stored. After defining these three components, the developer has to choose a sophisticated analytics tool to simplify the data collected by these elements.

The application should be able to accumulate the data provided by the IoT sensors and even perform the analytics part. The developer has to understand that developing an IoT mobile app is not a piece of cake.

Choose a Platform

IT giants such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Samsung have constantly been battling with each other to design the best IoT mobile application. Besides that, they have also developed IoT platforms for IoT application development agencies to create their applications. Here are few best choices.

  • Apple Homekit
  • Google Brillio
  • IBM Watson

Industry Specific

In this age, people expect productive solutions. So, if you are designing an IoT application make sure that it serves a particular purpose. Target an industry and create a specific app that solves a particular issue. Companies like manufacturing and healthcare are always having issues related to IoT. Analyze the operations of the business you are targeting and configure their problems. After that, you can design a stout solution to cater their needs.


Recent IoT apps are prone to cyber threats; this is the main reasons why most bow out on IoT applications. For an IoT application to stand-out, developers must integrate security protocols with highest standards. It is also equally essential to understand that your application will be connected with a plethora of devices. And, companies will not purchase your app when the security of their connected devices is compromised.

Summing up

IoT applications have a great future, but app development companies should realize the above factors before designing an IoT application. As the number of IoT and connected devices are growing by leaps and bounds, the applications to control such devices should be persistent. So follow these ideas and design IoT application to deliver real-time opportunities to different industries.