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CloudFlare Announces a Security Solution for IoT Devices

CloudFlare Announces a Security Solution for IoT Devices


CloudFlare a reputed content delivery network that earned its reputation as securing websites is moving towards a more advanced and sophisticated industry – The Internet of Things. The company is designing a stout security solution for securing IoT device manufacturers.

According to CEO of CloudFlare, Matthew Price, “We noticed a pattern of requests and turned it into a product.”

CloudFlare had to alter different technical algorithm to convert their website protection solution to an IoT device security system. But, the effort proved to make sense. Soon CloudFlare has released Enter CloudFlare Orbit solution to enhance the safety of IoT devices.

Undoubtedly, IoT device and software manufacturers compromise the security protocol making them vulnerable to hackers. Whoever designed Amazon Echo was probably thinking about how cool it would be to control all the smart appliances of you home using a single device. But, they forgot to realize that a single cyber-attack in the Echo could put the security of every connected device in jeopardy.

Price added – “We’ve learned that, even if you connect something to the internet with good intention, someone will come along and ruin it.”

IoT companies who manufactured their products by undermining the security of the devices are learning it the hard way. We noticed this in 2015 when Mirai botnets hacked webcams and used them to take over the internet. It is just a simple example. If IoT manufacturers don’t open their eyes soon, the effects can be devastating. And, people will start to lose their faith in connected devices.

Enter Cloudfare Orbit strengthens the security of such devices to prevent cyber-attacks of IoT devices.

Currently, when a new security failure is discovered, IoT manufacturers are compelled to design a new security patch to secure the device. And most devices don’t even support updates, so where can consumers seek help? Besides that, a rushed patch can alter the system codes of the device and make the customer furious.

To prevent such casualties, manufacturers can use Orbit to connect their device to CloudFlare’s network. CloudFlare will block threats and prompt the device owner if it suspects an attack. This, in turn, will allow the user to monitor all the data requests and authorize the legit ones.

Currently, CloudFlare is offering the service for 25 businesses. But it will bring millions of devices behind CloudFlare’s network. The software is primarily designed for the industrial purpose, but soon it will be available to small IoT device manufacturers.