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Bitcoin Botnet Promises a Secured IoT Future

Bitcoin Botnet Promises a Secured IoT Future


The world we live in is rapidly entering the digital era. It all started with the innovation of smartphones and connected technology. Now we have an abundance of elements connected to each other, thanks to the Internet of Things. However, the connected technology is not trusted by everyone due to the continuous cyber-attacks and security coercions. Hackers and cyber criminals pose a significant threat to this emerging technology. Though different IT institutions released numerous security solutions, most of them failed to deliver what they promised.

A recent project powered by Bitcoin ‘NeuroMesh’ ensures that the solution is hack-resistant and secured from cyber threats. The project has already secured second position in the MIT $100k challenge, and a shortlist position in the ongoing Atos IT Challenge 2017.

NeuroMesh’s advanced circuitry can imitate any cyber-attacks, and instantly create a solution to tackle such threats. The product is a combined effort of two MIT students, Caleb Li and Greg Falco. According to Caleb Li, “We wanted to create a vaccine for IoT devices by first installing our own security software on the kernel. It’s like playing ‘King of the Hill’, so we become the only ones that can control the device.”

The solution intends to eliminate the IoT threat posed by low powered and limited storage devices. The solution uses the same idea used by the hackers. When a system faces a botnet attack, the vulnerable point is the C&C server. Hackers affect this server to knock down their prey’s botnets and control their devices.

NeuroMesh sends the command to the connected devices via OP_RETURN codes in the bitcoin blockchain – allowing the transmission of arbitrary data.  (such as ‘Mined by Antpool’, ‘Happy halving day’ or in one case, the text of an encyclical letter by Pope Francis).

The solution sends a bulk of IP addresses over the bitcoin blockchain. This prevents the hackers from entering into your system and ensures your system is protected 24/7.

The solution supports a plethora of IoT devices including smart webcams, thermostats, lighting systems, smartwatches, cars, and more. The software is also programmed with an in-depth learning feature, allowing it to detect new cyber threats and blacklist them from the system.

The solution offers two kinds of packages to their clients monthly and annual subscription. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to pay every time. Bitcoin only charges its customers if an attack is deflected by the solution, which is an excellent deal for medium and small enterprises. However, the potentiality of this innovative solution is yet to be proved.

The increasing production and adaptation of IoT devices demand a stout solution to prevent different casualties. And, if the NeuroMesh solution offers the functions it promises, it can be a breakthrough in the world of technology.