Home Technology AWS Greengrass might be the Holy Grail of IoT Computing
AWS Greengrass might be the Holy Grail of IoT Computing

AWS Greengrass might be the Holy Grail of IoT Computing


Recently, Amazon has launched an innovative solution (AWS Greengrass) to enable customers to use AWS computing, data caching, messaging, and cloud sync. With this software users will be able to rejoice the benefits of AWS Lambda on local servers.

Amazon states that more than a dozen of Amazon partner companies including Raspberry PI, Canonical, Annapurna, BSquare, Digi International, and Samsung are eager to integrate this technology in their products. Soon all the products from these companies will come with preinstalled AWS Greengrass software.

Solution based on the Demand for Edge Computing

AWS Greengrass solution is a response to growing demand for the data to be processed at the edge of the network. Most businesses are switching from cloud servers to local hosts to handle and store their data. This innovative move was driven by the growing number of IoT devices currently used in different industries including oil and gas factories, automobile, health, agriculture and more.

Latency requirements and intermittent connectivity are two major factors that have compelled businesses to switch from cloud to different local servers. The round trip companies have to make to the cloud server is unfeasible. Hence, IoT devices must perform certain tasks on local servers as well.

Run Programming Codes Locally

Running programming codes on IoT devices is a hectic task, especially when you have to hire a group of professionals who charge twice as much than your allocated budget. According to Dirk Didascalou Vice President of IoT at AWS – “Many of the world’s largest IoT implementations run on AWS, and customers across industries – from energy to mining, to media and entertainment – have asked us whether we could extend AWS’s industry-leading cloud capabilities to the edge.

Amazon Greengrass is here to solve that or even more. Greengrass allows users to use AWS Lambda to run codes locally on their IoT devices, similar to AWS Cloud. Lambda operates via AWS Management Console enabling businesses to execute real-time actions.

Customer Satisfaction

AWS has stated that many companies are already rejoicing the fruits of AWS Greengrass, including mining group Rio Tinto, Enel, Stanly Black & Decker’s Digital Accelerator. Greengrass is unveiling smart getaways for such companies. This innovative system has eased the ability of businesses to operate cloud computing. Currently, the technology is made available in northern part of America i.e. Northern Virginia and Oregon. Soon it will be distributed in different regions of the globe including Sydney and Frankfurt.