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Augmented Reality and IoT in Automobile Industry

Augmented Reality and IoT in Automobile Industry


If you are familiar with Tony Stark or The Iron Man, then you probably have an idea about Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality is a technology that uses computer-generated images in real life to provide a composite view to the users. A clear example of this is the display of player statistics and goal attempts in a football match to improve the perception of the audience.

Latest AR Devices with IoT Technology

Recently, there has been an explosion of IoT equipped AR devices on the market. From Sony Smart EyeGlass to Google Glass, devices embedded with AR technology are found in abundance. It seems that the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality is getting together to make technology better.

While such inventions are fascinating, the most important subject of interest for a common man in the field of AR is its implementation in the automobile industry. Various automotive companies have already capitalized this technology. The outburst of AR technology has made it a key component in new and latest model of vehicles. Imagine how cool it would be to test drive car and check its features, while you relax on your couch.

The Use of AR in Automotive Sector

Gone are the days when you had to read a 200-page manual before starting the engines of your new car. Today, different automotive companies have replaced bulky manuals with easy to understand AR app. One of the recent examples is Volkswagen; the company will offer an app named eKurzifo in their luxury series. The application capitalizes AR and IoT tech to inform the users about the features of the vehicle, eliminating the requirement of a user booklet.

Automotive companies are pointing their attention towards dynamic factors. Soon cars will be equipped with a transparent computer screen instead of a windscreen. It will display live traffic feed, navigation, landmarks, gas station, and weather forecast. Combine it with Volvo’s Intellisage, and we can leverage the technology to prevent accidents and collisions. Besides that, it can also be connected to your car’s Infotainment System to experience AR HUD display and control everything with voice.

Combining AR and IoT Technology in Cars

If you want to use real-time applications in your car, you need data. Loads and loads of data!

Augmented reality applications use stored data to analyze and display results. And if you want these apps to work reliably, you’ll need a robust IoT platform to back everything up. With the Internet of Things, the spectrum of AR has risen to another level. Features such as automated controls live traffic feeds, navigation, and weather updates are all possible because of the Internet of Things.