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5 IoT Products You Need To Know using IoT Technology

5 IoT Products You Need To Know using IoT Technology


The Internet of Things is throwing many innovative technologies at us from different vertices. IoT and connected devices are becoming our everyday companions; they are not just solving business inefficiencies, but eradicating consumer inconveniences as well. IoT and connected devices are capable of making our daily lives smoother than ever. We have compiled some innovative smart devices that are changing our lives as we know it.


Birdi is a special system designed to improve the overall quality of the air inside our homes. The device can be used to measure the level of smoke carbon monoxide, smoke, and dust. The system is compact and fits with any home décor. The sensor technology in the system keeps residents safe and aware of any air contamination. Birdi can be used with smart home appliances such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. This innovative device includes other features such as landline phone backup, automatic battery refills, and safety reporting.

Amazon Dash Button

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then the Amazon Dash Button is the right tool for you. With this fascinating device, users can reorder daily essentials with a push of a button. It allows users to configure their daily, weekly or monthly orders and can press it when running low on home inventory.  When the button is pressed, the device also sends a notification to the user’s mobile allowing them to cancel the order in time.

Cloud Your Car

Cloud Your Car is a perfect application for automotive manufacturers to manage fleets. This unique device enables automotive companies to monitor their products through GSM technology. This device gathers real-time information about the car including speed, mileage, engine oil, and location. Cloud Your Car can be connected to your smart devices via Bluetooth or the web.

Parrot Pot

Gone are the days when the IoT was limited to different industries. Today, the IoT has also encircled gardening materials. Parrot Pot is smart gardening equipment that waters your plants for a month. It can be programmed to meet a particular plant’s needs. It controls soil moisture, fertilizer level, and monitors sunlight. Each function can be easily controlled using their free application which is available for both Android and iOS.

Google Home

Google home is a small speaker inbuilt with Google’s Voice Assistance feature. Simply put, it is a flexible device that allows you to leverage Google’s services without tapping the screen of your mobile device. Beyond regular search, Google Home can also turn on your television, tell you about your day, show you your daily chores, notify you about the traffic congestion and how long it will take to reach your destination. It is a unique device that acts as our assistant.