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As Wearable Devices Get Traction, Consumers Are Worried About Security

In the recent years, wearables are gaining rapid momentum while the security protocols are undermined. Devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatch, and head-mounted displays are synonymously invading workspaces as smartphones. The sales of wearable devices in 2017 reached 310.4 million generating a total revenue of $31.7 billion, more than 16.8 percent from 2016. Though wearable […]

Security Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Companies

Xiaomi and Apple Outpace Fitbit in Wearable Technology

Undoubtedly, Apple and Xiaomi were at the epitome of wearables vendors in the Q1 of 2017, defeating their long-time rival Fitbit. The hierarchy was determined by analyzing the sales figure showcased by IDC. The analyst firm conveyed that amongst three companies Apple was the enterprise to ensure maximum progress in wearable shipment. Apple’s number increased […]

Xiaomi Wearables Overlap Apple and Fitbit using IoT technology