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Apple Scores the First Position in Wearable Tech in IoT world

In the second quarter of 2017, Apple and Xiaomi were striving to occupy the first position in wearable technology. But in the third quarter, Apple outpaced Xiaomi and Fitbit with the release of Apple Watch 3. This LTE-enabled wearable device features an appealing style and a spectacular design with a surge of new functions. Apple […]

Xiaomi Wearables Overlap Apple and Fitbit using IoT technology

Best Wearables Available in the Market using IoT technology

The internet is the main source of information. Anything you think of, the internet can provide you the answers within seconds. Besides that, it is a great place to meet new friends, have a team conversation, or store your information for later. The answer mentioned above was accurate five years ago! Today, the internet can […]

Xiaomi and Apple Outpace Fitbit in Wearable Technology

Xiaomi and Apple Outpace Fitbit in Wearable Technology

Undoubtedly, Apple and Xiaomi were at the epitome of wearables vendors in the Q1 of 2017, defeating their long-time rival Fitbit. The hierarchy was determined by analyzing the sales figure showcased by IDC. The analyst firm conveyed that amongst three companies Apple was the enterprise to ensure maximum progress in wearable shipment. Apple’s number increased […]

Xiaomi Wearables Overlap Apple and Fitbit using IoT technology

What Wearable Technology to Expect in 2017 in IoT world

Undoubtedly, Smart Technology is a major trend that is tightly embraced by tech companies like Samsung and Apple. From smart watches to headphones, the continuous growth of wearable technology is taking our world by storm. On the counter side, consumers are not yet ready to switch towards this growing culture. The lower than expected sales […]

Xiaomi and Apple – The Leading Wearable Technology in IoT technology

Wearable Technology is Vulnerable to Cyber Threats

The security of the IoT and connected devices is always questioned due to the lack of security protocols. The sensitivity of connected sensors attracts hackers and makes them fragile to cyber-attacks. Therefore, a robust security is essential to mitigate these risks. Recent research conducted by Binghamton University states – “Wearable technology such as a smart […]

IoT Camera’s Might be the Next Target of IoT Botnets