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Design Consideration to make your website IoT enabled

Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things is the biggest innovation in the world of tech. The technology has influenced every online factor, and mostly the way websites are designed. The rapid alteration in technology has revolutionized the way things are done. Every object around us is embedded with IoT sensors, allowing them to connect to the […]

5G Will Revolutionize Both User Experience and Mobile Edge Computing

As Wearable Devices Get Traction, Consumers Are Worried About Security

In the recent years, wearables are gaining rapid momentum while the security protocols are undermined. Devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatch, and head-mounted displays are synonymously invading workspaces as smartphones. The sales of wearable devices in 2017 reached 310.4 million generating a total revenue of $31.7 billion, more than 16.8 percent from 2016. Though wearable […]

Security Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Companies

Connected Vehicles and Consumer Security using IoT technology

The exponential growth in connected vehicles is amusing. While automotive companies are bragging about the advantages, there are downsides they should be worried about. Thinking of it from a consumer’s perspective, the rapid development and deployment of connected vehicles are becoming a fearful subject. In a survey conducted on ten thousand adults in the US […]

British Government Sets New Standards for Connected Cars

Internet of Things is changing Lifestyle with smart applications & devices

The Internet of Things or connected technology is changing our lifestyle as we know it. Smart applications and devices have enhanced the entire system and made everything easier and faster. If we turn our heads around, we can see the impacts made by the Internet of Things on our lifestyle in the last few decades. […]

How to Develop IoT Mobile Applications for a Connected Devices

A Matter of Life and Death: Securing IoT Healthcare

Today the Internet of Things has influenced every industry by storm. Not only that, it has made a stout presence in consumer/commercial conversation. Thanks to the innovation of Google, Amazon, and Apple, IoT devices are available in online stores such as eBay, Best Buy, and John Lewis. Today Machine Learning and Artificial have surpassed the […]

Security Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Companies

Chinese Researchers Demonstrate the Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicles

Chinese IoT security experts from Keen Security Lab in Shanghai once again unveiled the potential threats of connected vehicles. The team was able to hack into an autonomous technology vehicle designed and developed by Tesla for the second consecutive year. The team used the vehicles in-car browser to run malicious code. Once the system was […]

The Era of Connected Cars is Here using IoT and Connected technology