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Voice Control Might be the Next Big Deal in the IoT World

Recently, I walked down the alley to see the next big tech expo happening in my city. When I entered the venue, many companies were introducing sophisticated gadgets empowered by voice command. Most of these devices Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other interactive voice interfaces. It seems as voice command will eliminate the use of […]

Alexa Has 15000 Skills in its Arsenal using IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Much Bigger Than We Assume

Whenever anyone speaks about the next big thing we think about connected technology or autonomous vehicles. But they are merely a part of the new technology that surrounds us. Without a doubt, we lack imagination to see beyond the spectrum. We can’t imagine something that’s already there and pretend it’s not. The tech world is […]

Google launches Cloud IoT Core, a managed IoT service

Mitsubishi and Oracle Combine Forces to Develop New IoT Platform for Smart Manufacturing

Mitsubishi the auto giant has collaborated with Oracle to develop an IoT platform for smart manufacturing. Recently, Mitsubishi has introduced its FA-IT open platform for factory automation. The system uses edge computing between applications and IoT devices to enable rapid collection, analysis, and deployment of data for the productive purpose. According to Toshiya Takahashi, corporate […]

Google launches Cloud IoT Core, a managed IoT service