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IoT Product Engineering: What does it take to create a connected device?

Currently, the internet is bombarded with IoT news and how it will affect our lives. But, what does it take to engineer an IoT product and determine its design? An IoT device is designed by using sophisticated sensors that transmit the data to a common network. These sensors act as a beacon to determine the […]

Nokia Joins Forces with University of Technology Sydney to Develop IoT-based Business Solutions

Intelligent Machinery Can Boost Organizational Efficiency

The IoT in the manufacturing industry is transforming the entire perspective of business by offering cognitive capabilities and innovative analytic tools. Implementing IoT technology has assisted businesses to improve quality of the products and add value to the customers. So, for businesses who want to capitalize cognitive manufacturing transformation, here are three key manufacturing plinths […]

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Changing the Face of Business