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Christmas Might Be In Jeopardy This Year because of IoT devices!

Today, IoT is not just a buzzword on the internet; it has made a stout presence and influenced almost every part of our lives. And with holidays approaching closer, the spectrum of IoT is expanding like never before. This year we will see plenty of smartwatches, Smart home appliances, wearable techs, and innovative gadgets making […]

IoT Camera’s Might be the Next Target of IoT Botnets

Who is Responsible for the Security Breach of Connected Technology – Manufacturer or the End-User?

A recent survey revealed that nine out of ten consumers think integrating strong security in connected devices are essential, while more than 75% people are aware that their smartphones can be easily hacked. The study was conducted by Irdeto which surveyed more than 7,800 consumers across six different nations: India, China, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil […]

Botnet Threats: A Topic of Concern – IoT Security and Threats

MIT Introduces a Power Converter to Make IoT Devices Energy Efficient

Energy saving solutions have become preeminent as the demand for energy-efficient IoT devices is sky rocketing. Due to the petite size of the IoT devices and limited storage capacity, consumers are lagging from enjoying the IoT benefits to the fullest. In the real world context, IoT devices are mostly deployed in rural areas where replacing […]

Samsung’s New AI Technology will make Buildings Smarter using IoT