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Apple Launches an Innovative Application to Detect Heart Problems

Apple has combined its expertise with Stanford to create an application named Heart Studies. The app intends to research and study the heart condition of the clients. Experts state that it can reduce the immediate heart attacks by 13%. The innovation was first introduced in September 2017, since then it has taken the application market […]

Apple Scores the First Position in Wearable Tech in IoT world

5G Technology Will Enhance the Health Internet of Things

The primary alterations in the technology have improved our lifestyle to a certain extent. Today, we have self-driving vehicles, automated home appliances, and robust security systems. However, this is just the beginning. The Internet of Things has taken every industry by storm. On a large scale, we have smart manufacturing companies, predictive healthcare services, improved […]

Smart Health Services with the IoT and Connected Devices

Internet of Things is changing Lifestyle with smart applications & devices

The Internet of Things or connected technology is changing our lifestyle as we know it. Smart applications and devices have enhanced the entire system and made everything easier and faster. If we turn our heads around, we can see the impacts made by the Internet of Things on our lifestyle in the last few decades. […]

How to Develop IoT Mobile Applications for a Connected Devices

A Matter of Life and Death: Securing IoT Healthcare

Today the Internet of Things has influenced every industry by storm. Not only that, it has made a stout presence in consumer/commercial conversation. Thanks to the innovation of Google, Amazon, and Apple, IoT devices are available in online stores such as eBay, Best Buy, and John Lewis. Today Machine Learning and Artificial have surpassed the […]

Security Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Companies

5 Reasons Why Business Intelligence is becoming an Indispensible Enterprise Solution

Although Business Intelligence was incepted as a consumer-based service, today, it has become an essential component for companies to stay relevant and competitive. As the technology algorithm has compelled businesses to become data oriented, BI is impacting businesses like never before and even changing the human resource roles in different industries. Needless-to-say, BI will continue […]

Social Media Marketing and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Four Advantages of Industrial Automation using IoT Technology

In today’s context, automation is the key to 21st industrial revolution. The foundation of industrial automation is based on ICT technology, control system, machine learning, and M2M technology. The use of robotics in different fields is allowing business to map an agile way to manage production. Automation, in the last few years, has evolved as […]

Industrial Internet of Things to Boost Workspace Efficiency