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Apple Scores the First Position in Wearable Tech in IoT world

In the second quarter of 2017, Apple and Xiaomi were striving to occupy the first position in wearable technology. But in the third quarter, Apple outpaced Xiaomi and Fitbit with the release of Apple Watch 3. This LTE-enabled wearable device features an appealing style and a spectacular design with a surge of new functions. Apple […]

Xiaomi Wearables Overlap Apple and Fitbit using IoT technology

Best Wearables Available in the Market using IoT technology

The internet is the main source of information. Anything you think of, the internet can provide you the answers within seconds. Besides that, it is a great place to meet new friends, have a team conversation, or store your information for later. The answer mentioned above was accurate five years ago! Today, the internet can […]

Xiaomi and Apple Outpace Fitbit in Wearable Technology