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Research States Connected Cars Can Improve Road Safety

A new research explained the perception of motorist towards connected cars is changing. Today, more than 50% of drivers believe connected vehicles can improve road safety, and the study ensures it. The study surveyed over 3000 motorists through Aviva insurance company. Amongst all candidates, 57% agreed that the vehicles with smart features can make the […]

Audi Introduces the First Level 3 Self-Driving Car

British Government Sets New Standards for Connected Cars

As connected cars are gaining hype, cyber-criminals are scuffing up new techniques to hack this upcoming technology. Cyber security breach on autonomous technology can be life threatening. In a bid to prevent hacking, the British government has issued guidelines for car manufacturing companies on improving safety protocols. The frequent cyber-attacks on connected cars, including Tesla […]

How British Civilians Responded to a Connected Cars Survey using IoT

How British Civilians Responded to a Connected Cars Survey using IoT

A research conducted by Gemalto in the U.K. States – One-third of the British population believes connected cars will be the dominant form of transportation in the next few years. Connected cars will offer a variety of features including improved technology, robust security, self-driving features, and more. These cars will be able to communicate with […]

One among Three People Expect a Driver-less Connected Car Until 2026