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Top Internet of Things Application Areas

Top Internet of Things Application Areas


Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things is the hottest tech topic. IoT was first incepted in 1990 and today it has made a robust presence is different sectors, including medical and automobile industries. IoT offers centralized control over every device around us and connects them to a common network. As predicted by Gartner, the number of IoT devices will reach 26 billion until 2022. Some examples of the Internet of Things applications are Smart Parking, Smart Homes, Forest Fire Detection, Air Filters, and Smart Energy Management.

With the Internet of Things you can manage everything smartly and easily. It enables advanced communication and breathes life to M2M communication, which, in turn, helps us to move our feet towards a much smarter future. So we are glad to present you the list of top Internet of Things application areas.

IoT Application for Home Automation

Amongst all, home automation is one of the biggest Internet of Things achievements. With the aid of IoT platforms residents can easily evaluate water and energy consumption and raise the bars for home security. On the other hand side, automated appliances will help us to do our work for us while saving both time and money. All your applications can be operated via your smartphone, and never again you will have to break a sweat about leaving anything on inside your home.

IoT Applications for Automotive Industry

The Internet of Things is gaining rapid momentum in the automobile industry. Like in the movie Iron Man, where Tony Stark orders Jarvis to do his work, with the smart cars you can do the same thing. Autonomous technology will empower the future cars to response to your voice command. Technology such as auto-driving, traffic monitoring, route tracking will be seen in the cars driven by IoT technology.

IoT Applications for Smart Cities

For today’s growing population and pollution, smart cities are the best solution. As mentioned by Gartner the revenue for smart cities will mount to billions of dollars within 2020. This will draw attention of thousands of IoT manufacturers across the globe. With smart cities we will get rid of some of the biggest problems which we face today. With smart cities we will be able to access smart waste management system, smart vehicles, smart roads, and more.

IoT Applications for Healthcare Industry

In the past few years, IoT has made a stout presence in the healthcare industry. With IoT, both healthcare providers and patients can gain access to greater medical facilities. Few of the contributions of IoT in healthcare sectors are: Patience Surveillance, Ultraviolet Radiation, Medical Fridges, Fall Detection, Sportsmen Care, and more. If the security protocols are considered, IoT can offer so much in healthcare sector than we can possibly imagine.