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Samsung Introduces Two New Technologies to Make Buildings Smarter

Samsung Introduces Two New Technologies to Make Buildings Smarter


Electronic giant Samsung might be the next big initiator for smart buildings. The company aims to use IoT technology to improvise buildings and make them smarter. Samsung has already initiated their steps towards many smart solutions to design new buildings using HVAC systems.

What is Samsung’s intention with smart buildings?

Lighting systems and HVAC consume more than 65% of total power of a building as most buildings have a centralized VAC system. To eradicate this problem, Samsung has introduced VRF and SVS technologies to mitigate energy consumption.

The new systems (VRF and SVS) will be soon available for hotels, offices, home, retail shops, college buildings, and more. After installation residents can cut additional power usage and supervise the overall energy consumption.

The SVS can be used in any environment to control energy system, light, and environment as per the requirement. And if any problem related to electric surge arises, the SVS system will track and prevent it automatically.

SVS is mostly preferred in hotels to provide HVAC access to guests. The system also allows them to control the door lock-system using the smart TV in the room. Besides that, it also helps the hotel staffs to check whether the room is occupied or empty. This system has proven to save an average of 30% energy consumption.

Making Smart Buildings a Reality

The concept of smart buildings is slowly moving from sci-fi movies to reality. Samsung has already implemented the technology in a plethora of global hotels and the company is now planning to make buildings smarter. The technology will be available in the market within 2018.

Samsung is also scuffing up the solutions for large stadiums too. The company has already signed an agreement with Brussels Eurostadium. The contract states that Samsung must design an HVAC system based on VRF technology for the stadium before UEFA Eurocup 2020 happens.  For now, we’ll have to wait and see what this new innovation will turn up for Samsung.


HVAC is undoubtedly a flexible yet organic solution for modern buildings. Its tangible structure connects every home appliance such as mobiles, TVs, and computers to an intelligent network.

The implementation of sophisticated technologies such as SVS and VRF technology will optimize the efficiency of HVAC system and cut-costs from every corner. Samsung the innovator of this technology has announced that the technology will soon be available for both industries and residents.