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All You Need to Know About Smart Home Devices using IoT technology

All You Need to Know About Smart Home Devices using IoT technology


Recently, the Internet of Things has been an important topic in the tech world. Yet a handful of people reside in smart homes or use the technology that was meant to be ubiquitous.

It’s certain that a lot of people have growing interest towards this new wave of technology, but still, there is a huge swath of individuals who have no idea about where to buy such devices. And, it is the biggest obstacle IoT industry must tackle in the upcoming days.

Here are some important facts that everyone needs to know about the Internet of Things.

IoT Awareness

For decades, tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the Internet of Things to become a norm. The IoT and connected technology have empowered our life in such a way that everything portrayed in futuristic movies is slowly transforming to reality. Still, smart homes and devices are a far cry for many.

According to a recent survey conducted by Parks Associates, only 32% of American civilians know where to buy smart home equipment or service. Simply, more than one-third of U.S households are unaware of IoT device shopping destinations even though they have high-speed broadband connections. This obviously has created a roadblock for IoT startups to reach every household.

Another study conducted by Parks Associated found that one-third of smart home device owners are frequently facing connection problems. While twenty percent mentioned, it is impossible to connect every home device to a single home network.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

While there are lots of articles that continually provoke us to stay away from this new wave of technology. The Internet of Things and connected technology are rapidly picking up the pace. Here are three major benefits of adopting smart home technology.

  • As the name suggests, smart home devices are smart. They can make our everyday hassles convenient. Imagine your washing machine determining the size of the load and adjusting the detergent and water level without your assistance, a refrigerator ordering your daily groceries by analyzing what is left inside, and your cooking hub adjusting the heat by recognizing the dish you are preparing.
  • You can save buckets by using smart home appliances, and there are numerous ways to do it. First and foremost, there are plenty of energy efficient devices to help you cut the costs from every corner. For instance, the Philip Hue Light can adjust the brightness automatically by analyzing the ambience of your room and reduce your electricity bills. Besides that, there are plenty of other relative devices such as smart thermostats, refrigerators, washing machine, cooking appliances and more.
  • Security is another major benefit of the smart There are plenty of devices such as Google Nest Cam to send you frequent updates about what’s going inside your home while you are away. Some devices even send you text or email of suspicious activities happing inside your home, while others can inform you about fire or any other casualties. Such information can be invaluable to individuals.

Where to Find IoT Devices

If you are interested in installing smart home technology in your home, there are many options.

As mentioned, home improvement retailers are the most common source for connected technology. And if you are not satisfied with local vendors you can always check out e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, home security companies, or online retailers. But if you want to buy cost-effective and reliable products, it is best to surf the net and read reviews of different devices. You might probably get a hint about what to buy and what not to. Retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy have legit customer reviews. Such sites are best to compare products and brands.

Manufacturers also provide tons of information related to their devices, but they only show you good ones. So it’s best to compare the products by looking at customer reviews and make an informed purchase.

Some of the connected home devices are expensive, and people are not yet ready to invest in a device that only serves a single purpose. But, the emerging wave of technology will offer many creative IoT ideas in the future, and the prices of such devices might lessen reduce the next few years.