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The Internet of Things is improving our Standard of Living

The Internet of Things is improving our Standard of Living


The Internet of Things is the most trending technology of the decade. Hundreds and thousands of companies, both startups and multinationals, are configuring innovative ways to surf this new wave. Slowly, IoT has started to affect every aspect of our lives. Practically, we have a plethora of devices in our home connected to each other. But to initiate towards smarter living, we must draw our attention towards small computers like Raspberry Pi and different IoT sensors. By doing so, we will have a connected ecosystem inside our homes, and everything could be controlled with the help of our smartphones.

Besides, there are plenty of benefits to rejoice by implementing the smart home technology.

Home Security

Amongst all, IoT has drastically improved the measures of home security. Now people have smart safety devices including window sensors, cameras, motion and sound detectors, vibration alerts, and temperature and humidity detectors. Such system will notify you if there is a possibility of, for instance, burglary, fire, and most importantly contact police or fire brigade if required. You can set the alarm in the form of SMS, email, phone call or even tweet, and program them to contact someone else if your smart device is not reachable.

Automatic Home Appliances

How would you feel if your refrigerator can order your kitchen inventories, your cooking hub can shut down on its own, and all the appliances are connected to your smartphone?

Smart home appliances are quickly replacing traditional utilities. Besides, each device is monitored by a smart system monitor. Whenever anything suspicious is detected, you are alerted through Wi-Fi or 3G networks. However, safety is not the only issue. These devices can operate without any human intervention. Imagine your crock pot making dinner for you while you are on a long drive; your coffee machine brews the moment you wake up. The WiFi can even notify you when dinner is ready and waiting on the cooking hub. Cool isn’t it!

Create the perfect atmosphere

Believe me; futuristic movies are the innovators of smart home devices. Remember how the lights switched on automatically and the music used to play automatically in 80’s classic movies. Today, tech experts have turned that idea into reality. You can remotely control the lights using your smartphone, and even adjust their brightness. You can even turn on your favorite music without touching your sound system. Some of these systems even go so far as to control your window shades. Again, that’s something easily controlled through an app. And if you don’t want to pull the phone from your pocket every time, you can pre-program your desired settings.

The concept of smart homes is slowly turning into reality, and they will be here for a while. The advent of promising technology is indeed escalating our standard of living to a new horizon. Now, middle-class homes can rejoice all the technologies which were once accessible only to millionaires and tech geniuses. Simply put, the IoT is changing the face of technology by making it available to everyone.