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The Internet of Kitchen using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

The Internet of Kitchen using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology


The kitchen is called the heart of the home, and with the Internet of Things it can have a brain too!

The Internet of Things is now encapsulating everything in its spectrum, and our kitchens are no exception. IoT in last few years has empowered a plethora of smart kitchen gadgets. From a refrigerator that tells us about running food supplies to a gas stove that turns itself off when the food is prepared, we have an assortment of devices to make our cooking easy and convenient.

We have rounded up few devices for you to make your kitchen even smarter. Check out our list, and you might find a product that suits your needs.

Amazon Dash

The Amazon Dash is a digital stick that enables you to order the running groceries from Amazon Fresh – a local delivery service which also offers thousands of other non-grocery items. It helps you to order all your important grocery items while helping you save a plenty of your invaluable time.


Birdi is a smart device that allows you to monitor the air of your kitchen. It can detect the amount of carbon monoxide, pollen, humidity, and particulates in the air. If any of these rises beyond the level, Birdi sends an instant notification to your mobile or automate a call to your landline. Simply put, it will help you to know if there is anything wrong in the kitchen when you are not around.

Neo – Smart Container

The Neo Smart jar is a new product designed for your smart kitchen. It is embedded with sensors to weigh its contents and add the running item on your smartphone’s grocery list. The app will also include an assortment of recipe you can make with the ingredients you have. It also keeps track of your everyday consumption and how it affects your nutrition consumption.

Egg Minder – The Smart Egg Tray

Do you always run out of eggs when you need them the most? If yes, then here’s the product for you.

The Egg Minder is a smart device that tells your Wink app the number of eggs in the tray. Now you don’t have to rethink about the remaining eggs on your tray while you are out shopping; the Egg Minder is here to do that for you. With this innovation, you won’t have to scramble again for a good egg again.

LG Smart Oven

LG Smart Oven allows you to cook remotely from your smartphone. Install LG’s Smart Access Range app, and you’ll be set to go. Based on the recipe the oven will cook your food properly so that you can enjoy the real taste of your favorite delicacies.