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Why Connected Home Technology is becoming more important than ever

Why Connected Home Technology is becoming more important than ever


Our world is escalating to a new technical horizon. The improvements in technology has offered an abundance of innovation and improved our life to a certain extent.

While technology is gaining rapid momentum, we are lagging to keep up with its pace. We have our comfort zone and we don’t bother to look outside the spectrum and see what is happening. Amongst all, connected technology is one of the influential factors that possess the potential to change our lifestyle. The full emergence of the Internet of Things has proved to supply incredible benefits. IoT or connected devices have the capability to connect all other devices to a single hub, allowing us to perform multiple functions at a time.

Connected technology has made multitasking more effective and efficient than ever. While the technology was first developed for gaming, the connected smart home technology is quickly becoming mainstream. Here are four starting points for consumers who want to initiate their steps towards smarter living.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are among the most important smart devices for home. While most people consider them as a least important device, they are here to save our lives. Smart smoke detectors are Wi-Fi-enabled; they connect to a Wi-Fi network and can remotely alert someone if there is an issue.

This is mainly relevant when you have elders and children at home. Elder peoples have hearing deficiency while younger children don’t have idea on fire prevention. This is where smart smoke detectors become handy. Such devices can immediately notify you about the incident allowing you to take quick actions before anything critical happens. New technology such as the Nest Smoke Detector makes it easy and simple to control tests remotely from a smartphone or mobile device.

Lighting and electrics

Gone are the days when fluorescent and LED lights reigned our homes. Now smart lights are quickly taking over the scene.

Unlike its predecessors, smart lights can be controlled with smartphones or other mobile devices. You can even turn the lights on and off from remote locations, how cool is that! And, the best part is they are energy efficient. Such lights can automatically adjust the brightness depending upon the requirement. Plus, you can use set individual timer for each light in your home.


Controlling your manual thermostats can be a hectic task, especially in the winter season. The energy bills can be controlled by setting up the central heating properly. Smart thermostats can give you a stout control over heating and reduce your expenses to a certain point. New thermostats even allow you to control the temperature of your home through smartphones or any other mobile device.

General housekeeping

Housekeeping tasks can be hectic, especially when you have other important works to take care of. But, automatic home appliances such as Hoover robots, coffee brewing machine, refrigerators, and smart cooking appliances can ease our daily chores while optimizing work efficiency. However, there are some questions about security threats. But, these devices are designed to make life easier and do our work for us.