Home IoT News A Chip of the Old Block to control smart homes – Samsung Otto
A Chip of the Old Block to control smart homes – Samsung Otto

A Chip of the Old Block to control smart homes – Samsung Otto


We have come to a digital area, where smart devices have become a part of our daily lives.

An innovator of the smart devices – Samsung, has recently launched a new appliance to control smart homes. Its functions closely resembles with Amazon Echo and Google home, but design wise it is pretty weird. You might think why Samsung is stumbling upon something like the Internet of Things? Well, the answer is simple, Samsung is the key player in the world of tech, and they are eager to bring their ARTIK IoT stage to life.

Otto has a built in microphone and speaker integrated to process your voice command. With this simple device you can control all your smart home devices including kitchen appliances, indoor regulators and lights, and smart security appliances. Unlike Amazon echo which completely relies on its voice assistance Alexa, Samsung has pioneered something new which might take the Otto a step higher than its competitors.

Is Samsung Otto Different from Alexa and Siri?

Similar to other home-control devices, Otto comes with inbuilt microphones and speakers to answer your queries, similar to Siri or Alexa. It also allows you to control IoT-equipped devices inside your home like oven and washing machine. But what sets Otto apart is the capability to express itself while answering your questions. For instance, when it’s sunny, the lights will make an energized smiley face to draw your attention. Unlike other devices, the Otto can nod its head left and right and make gestures to ascertain your inquiries. Such features are not available in other appliances such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod.

The face also homes an inbuilt camera, which can amaze anyone who is familiar with Echo’s “dependably on” mouthpiece. The camera can also be used for security purpose, and you can keep an eye on the room where the device is placed. The prototype design of the Otto is already launched, and soon it will be available to everyone across the globe.

Samsung Otto can enhance your Home Security

Rather than installing high-tech security cameras and paying the programmer, you might want to invest your bucks on the Otto. Its dedicated camera can monitor everything around it and inform you if something suspicious happens. Besides, Otto can warn you about small issues like your baby spoiling the carpet or your hyper active canine chewing up the furniture. How cool is that!

By introducing this technology, Samsung has set the bars high for its competitors including Apple and Amazon. However, we still don’t know how consumers will perceive this innovative device. However, the price of Otto will be higher compared to Amazon Echo and Google Home.