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Top 5 Smart City Solutions

Top 5 Smart City Solutions


Whether we are ready to accept it or not, the Internet of Things is making a huge impact on our daily lives. Among all, one of the most influential aspects of the IoT is a smart city. There are numerous solutions to empower smart cities. These solutions are designed to ease city access, increase citizen safety, reduce expenses, solve environmental issues, and improve the standard of life.

Smart Buildings

If you want your cities to become smart, you must have smart buildings.

The Internet of Things is altering our lifestyle with the introduction of smart buildings. These buildings are better aligned with the lifestyle of people who work and live there. Smart buildings offer centralized control over different aspects of the building including security management, heating, lighting, energy consumption, and more.

Smart Parking

The hassles of finding a parking space in a busy city can be mind-boggling, especially when you are in a rush. But, IoT has configured a smart way to resolve such problems – Smart Parking.

Smart Parking is perhaps the most popular IoT solution for smart cities. Major cities across the globe are using chips and sensors to identify the numbers of cars in a lot and notify open spaces. Such applications can also recommend right parking spaces if you are out for shopping in a particular location or going for a family lunch.

Waste Management

Undoubtedly, waste management is a major global problem. Many cities around the world are looking for innovative ways to deal with their daily waste.

Due to the increment in population, the amount of trash is rising day by day. Consequently, cities will be forced to integrate automated solutions to manage the increasing waste. Smart solutions such as truck optimization, smart trash shorting, underground pipes for household garbage, and advanced drain management systems are already popular in the major cities of the world.

Water Management

Smart water management enables contamination monitoring, quality control, leakage detection, maintenance, and more, allowing cities to ensure that citizens have enough water to consume. It also helps suppliers to determine the volume of water consumed by the residents.

The challenge is daunting on the global scale. Many communities throughout the world are grappling not just with traditional water infrastructure, but with water sanitation services altogether. Hence, implementing smart water solution has become more than just important.

Smart Surveillance

Smart Surveillance such as IP cameras, perimeter protection, tampering alerts, and intelligent monitoring can keep the streets safe while ensuring civilian safety.

As the crime rate is growing, the need of smart surveillance is important than ever. Such devices can mitigate crime rates and prevent road accidents to a certain extent.