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Advantages of a Smart Parking Solution using IoT Technology

Advantages of a Smart Parking Solution using IoT Technology


The requirement of parking space in urban areas is increasing day by day, and car owners are having a hard time finding a right parking space. There are times when we even have to call our friends residing nearby to use their personal parking space. However, all of this can be solved with the implementation of Smart Parking.

Smart Parking is the most popular and fast adopted Smart City Solution across the world. It uses sensors, applications, and real-time data to locate the available parking spots. The primary intent is to reduce the search time and optimize the available parking spots. Many applications even include a complete suite of services including parking time notification, online payments, and parking space search functions. Such solutions can eradicate the hassles of car owner and benefit the lot owners. Amongst all, here are few benefits of smart parking space.

Parking Optimization

With the help of smart parking applications, users can save time, effort and resource while selecting the best parking space. Parking space owners can efficiently divide the spaces for private and commercial entities. People don’t have to ponder around to find the right space; smart parking applications will automatically detect the right spot and notify the users.

Pollution Reduction

Did you know? Global population burns more than one million barrel of oil per day while searching for a parking place.

Smart Parking solutions allow people to find parking space with ease while reducing driving time and lowering the amount of fuel emission. This will automatically mitigate the global pollution to a certain level.

Traffic Reduction

Searching for parking space is one of the many reasons for traffic congestion. Traffic flow increases when people don’t have to drive around to find a parking space. In urban cities, people have to drive at least 10-15 minutes to find a parking space, mostly in the busy hours. Smart Parking Solutions can aid drivers to locate parking spots instantly, thus reducing the traffic.

Provide Real-Time Data

Smart Driver Solutions can uncover valuable data related to latest user trends while helping manufacturers to design stout solutions to cater their needs. By using the collected data, software companies can develop custom tailored application to make parking easy and effortless.

Online Parking Payment

Automated online payment is much easier than manual payment. Smart Parking solution with integrated payment enables users to make parking charges online, saving time. Besides that, it will also increase customer loyalty, and ensure that the parking space is fully optimized.

There are countless advantages of smart parking solutions, the implementation of smart planning will be a great investment for any city or government. As the number of vehicles is rising every day, smart parking solution is becoming essential for most cities.