Home IoT News Samsung’s New AI Technology will make Buildings Smarter using IoT
Samsung’s New AI Technology will make Buildings Smarter using IoT

Samsung’s New AI Technology will make Buildings Smarter using IoT


Samsung is bringing the concept of “Smart Building” to life.  The brand has work exponentially to make their dream project a reality. Samsung in conjunction with the IoT have articulated the requirements of modern buildings and are planning to make them smarter. The company has patented SVS (Smart Vertical Solution) system to make buildings compliant with HCAC systems.

Why are Smart Buildings Important?

According to Samsung – Lighting facilities consume more than 80% of the total power supply of the building, and with the integration of HVAC system buildings can mitigate the power consumption by 60%. Samsung has officially announced that they are introducing a range of SVS system to control the energy consumption.

Samsung is planning to expand this system to a plethora of buildings including hotels, organizations, school, colleges, and shopping malls. Once the HVAC system is integrated into a structure, it will control the power supply and monitor the overall energy consumption.

The SVS system is also beneficial for restaurants and cafeterias, as it helps to control temperature and light according to requirement. And, in case, if any problems related to energy consumption arises SVS system can identify and fix it automatically.

 Samsung’s Efforts to Make Smart Buildings a Reality

The initiatives are already taken. Samsung says the concept of the smart building will soon be visible throughout the globe. The brand has already partnered with international hotels and started their work on different projects by placing SVS system at the core.

Besides smart buildings, Samsung has also implemented their expertise in the construction of large stadiums. Rumors state Samsung has already signed a contract with Brussels Euro stadium. Their work will be displayed on the UEFA Euro 2020.

Summing Up

HVAC is an entirely organic system. This flexible structure connects with electronic like mobile devices, TV, computer devices, and smart appliances to create an intelligent control system. The system is already introduced in a majority of their products.

Besides SVS and HVAC system, Samsung is also planning to introduce the new Warsaw Spire technology in smart buildings. Till date, we are unaware of this technology. But, when Samsung is the creator, we can assume that the technology is going to be astounding.