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Internet of Things for Marketers using connected technology

Internet of Things for Marketers using connected technology


The Internet of Things can offer unprecedented opportunities for marketers and unveil new gates to explore untapped markets. The IoT empowers businesses to accumulate and analyze the data gathered from the customers and helps create real-time marketing strategies.

The IoT platform may be less attractive for customers, but it can provide generic insights to marketers. Sixty percent of leading businesses in the world believe the Internet of Things and connected devices will change the entire perspective of marketing until 2020. The interconnectivity of digital devices can provide marketers access to an informative data hub. With connected devices, marketers can engage with their audience and respond to their needs faster than ever before.

The data collected from wearables, home appliances, offices, cars and other connected devices can aid marketers to plunge into consumer-focused data pool. By using the information, marketers can create custom tailor solution for their audiences and keep up with the latest trends. According to Marketo – “the interconnectivity of our digital devices that provides endless opportunities for brands to listen and respond to the needs of their customers – with the right message, at the right time, on the right device”. Here are few ways on how IoT will change marketing.

Consumer Behavior: With the help of connected device marketers can gain insights on consumer behavior. They can easily interact with their customers in case of any urgency, and provide them real-time information related to their products. By analyzing the data, marketers can offer products to solve consumer’s problems.

Predictive Social Media: IoT in conjunction with social media platforms can help businesses to penetrate the target markets. Thousands of brands are integrating social media into their applications and websites to ease communication with their audiences. For instance: Toyota’s Friend application allows the company to send an instant message to their customers whenever maintenance is required. By combining these two powerful forces, marketers will be able to identify and monetize emerging trends.

Immediate Customer Analysis: Customer analysis has and always will be important for marketers. With IoT, marketers can run sophisticated Customer Resource Management tools to gather and analyze the data provided by smart devices. IoT devices can portray a clear marketing picture to customers on where they are on their buying journey and helps them to deliver the right information to shut a deal.

Connected Marketing: The IoT and digital media are two of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Using these profound marketing platforms will aid marketers to realize new and emerging opportunities. Many businesses are leveraging social media and IoT to obtain the best returns on their marketing efforts, and most have succeeded.

Summing up                                                                                                                                                           

The IoT is rapidly making its presence on different platforms. Amongst all, Marketing is one of the few areas massively influenced by the Internet of Things and connected device. For marketers, the IoT has a lot to offer. But to receive the benefits, marketers have to understand the offerings of the Internet of Things.