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The Internet of Things (IoT) is Much Bigger than we Think

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Much Bigger than we Think


Technology has never failed to amuse us. Whenever we feel that this is it, another innovation pops out-of-nowhere and sweeps us off our feet. It even seems like technology has surpassed our imagination because we cannot imagine what’s already here.

The recent buzz for technical geeks is the Internet of Things.

So, what is the Internet of Things?

Internet of things is an advanced platform that connects every physical device around us and enables machine-to-machine communication. It is based on cloud computing and data-gathering sensors. The data collected from connected devices are instantaneous, mobile and virtual. And, it’s going to change every little aspect of our lives from the way we do things to the way we communicate. Simply put, everything we do is going to be “smart.”

But whenever a conversation related to the Internet of Things is raised, the first thing that hits our head is the M2M communication. However, a machine doesn’t have the required intelligence to operate on its own and the word ‘smart’ is not entirely related to M2M. The chips and sensors embedded inside these machines make them smart.

Sensors are chip-like devices that enable machines to measure, evaluate, and gather data. The internet of things amalgams three primary components: sensors, devices, and cloud network. The actual value of the Internet of Things can only be seen when machines and sensors intersect to gather useful data and store them to a cloud network, allowing businesses and individuals to leverage the collected data. Remember the data collected from sensors are useless until we are prepared to analyze it in real-time.

Cloud-based applications allow businesses to leverage the data. Such applications interpret and transmit the data gathered from sensors.

Here is an example.

A few years back, a bridge collapsed in Minnesota killing many. The steels plates in the bridge were unable to handle the load of the bridge and vehicles operating on it. To prevent such catastrophe, engineers can use smart cement and steel: materials equipped with sensors to monitor minor and major damages. These sensors can pre-inform about problems and helps to mitigate the damages.

Summing Up

The Internet of Things is not just about building smart city and bridges. This is a massive shift. When we create intelligent devices, they will act as a major engine to create new products and services. Amongst all the technology, the Internet of Things is the biggest innovation yet; it offers most offers the most opportunities for businesses of every stature.