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How the Internet of Things (IoT) Impacts Marketing?

The Internet of Things is the hottest buzzword in the tech world. The exponential growth of Industry 4.0 powered by the IoT and connected technology has influenced every aspect of our lives. Amongst all, the Internet of Things has revolutionized how marketers understand, approach, and interact with their audiences. Internet of Things and Connected Audiences […]

Internet of Things for Marketers using connected technology

The Internet of Things is the Next Generation of Technology

Our world is constantly evolving in terms of technology. Today, we have connected home appliances, autonomous vehicles and machinery, smart homes and offices, and much more, all thanks to the Internet of Things. Over the past few years, the Industry 4.0, powered by the Internet of Things, has created a strong foothold in the world […]

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart devices

Internet of Things is changing Lifestyle with smart applications & devices

The Internet of Things or connected technology is changing our lifestyle as we know it. Smart applications and devices have enhanced the entire system and made everything easier and faster. If we turn our heads around, we can see the impacts made by the Internet of Things on our lifestyle in the last few decades. […]

How to Develop IoT Mobile Applications for a Connected Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) and Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when traditional marketing tactics were enough to sell your products and services. Today, the marketing algorithm is highly dynamic, and companies must implement the latest strategy to connect with their target customers. More than 60% consumers are connected to the internet, and a majority of brands promote their goods through social […]

Internet of Things for Marketers using connected technology

Apple Scores the First Position in Wearable Tech in IoT world

In the second quarter of 2017, Apple and Xiaomi were striving to occupy the first position in wearable technology. But in the third quarter, Apple outpaced Xiaomi and Fitbit with the release of Apple Watch 3. This LTE-enabled wearable device features an appealing style and a spectacular design with a surge of new functions. Apple […]

Xiaomi Wearables Overlap Apple and Fitbit using IoT technology

Christmas Might Be In Jeopardy This Year because of IoT devices!

Today, IoT is not just a buzzword on the internet; it has made a stout presence and influenced almost every part of our lives. And with holidays approaching closer, the spectrum of IoT is expanding like never before. This year we will see plenty of smartwatches, Smart home appliances, wearable techs, and innovative gadgets making […]

IoT Camera’s Might be the Next Target of IoT Botnets