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Key Benefits of Industrial Automation using IoT Technology

Key Benefits of Industrial Automation using IoT Technology


The introduction of industry 4.0 has empowered every aspect of our lives, and automation is the foundation upon which this technology is established. The industrial automation is based on machine learning, control system, and IoT technology. The use of automated robots has enabled businesses to become more agile and productive. Over the years, Automation has streamlined production and mitigated human errors, while saving time and money. Such benefits have compelled business to adopt automation technology. Apart from production management, industrial automation also offers other benefits such as business process management, supply chain management, and shop and floor management. Before we jump to the benefits, here are few things every business should understand.

  • Soon IoT sensors will capitalize nanotechnology, and their size will be compatible with large physical devices. This will reduce the power consumption and boost the efficiency of the machine.
  • Every machine will be connected to a common network, allowing businesses to monitor the performance of each device. Besides that, the network will collect and analyze the data collected by the machines.
  • IoT manufacturers will design new products to optimize operational workflow.

Artificial Intelligence unveils a lot of benefits for companies of every stature. If implemented properly, the advantages of IoT can easily surpass the disadvantages. Here are few benefits of implementing artificial intelligence.

More efficient and productive

Artificial Intelligence is the driving force to increase productivity and efficiency. Automated technology enables businesses to streamline the operational workflow without human intervention. This has enabled predictive analysis and speedy deployment of finished goods. Each device inside the workspace is equipped with sensors to ensure that every activity inside the workspace is fully optimized. And, by using mobile analytics tools users can access the operational database from anywhere and anytime.

Better quality

Automated technology reduces human errors, and ensures that every finished product exhibits the same quality. With artificial intelligence, companies can monitor every aspect of the business and have stout control over quality. Companies around the globe are using this technology to improve productivity and boost sale.

Significant cost savings

The implementation of automation technology reduces the requirement of human labor. This, in turn, helps the company to reduce budget on salaries, insurance covers and more. The initial costs for installing the technology might be little higher, but in the long run, it will help to achieve a greater return on investment.

Safety of workforce

We regularly hear the updates about workers getting into accidents in big production factories. Automation technology will prevent hazardous incidents by mitigating human workforce involvement. Machines can operate in extremely perilous conditions where human presence is not possible. Replacing human labor with machine intelligence will reduce the significant threat to life especially in conflicted zones such as mining, nuclear sites, and explorations.

Finishing Up

The introduction of automated systems has eased the manufacturing process in a plethora of companies. Besides production industry, this technology can be used in different other industries such as automotive, healthcare, transportation, defense, and more.