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What is Industry 4.0?

What is Industry 4.0?


Today, Industry 4.0 is the hottest topic in the tech-world. But, as we brag much about its usability, only a handful of people know what it actually means.

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution. The innovation of “Internet of Things” has aided the current generation to embrace an advanced form of technology. The use of chips and sensors in industries has enabled machine learning. Now machinery in conjunction with IoT will be able to perform complex tasks without human intervention. Industry 4.0 also allows businesses to create wonderful growth opportunities and gain competitive advantages. It has brought a wave of revolution in different industrial sectors and eased the overall production process. With Industry 4.0 better products are created by analyzing customer needs, production cycles are shortened, maintenance costs are reduced and machine efficiency is raised.

Industry 4.0 has introduced “Smart Factory”. Each machine inside a factory will be connected to a network making the flow of data possible. The data collected by the sensors and chips will be transferred to a connected via wireless internet.

A factory should pass the following criteria to qualify as Industry 4.0.

  • Machines should be embedded with IoT technology to make connection between other machines and humans possible.
  • Machines should possess the capability to aid humans in decision making, and assist humans to perform complex tasks.

Though Industry 4.0 offers sophisticated technology to streamline operational workflow, many manufacturers still scratch their heads when a question related to its security is raised. Besides that, uncompromised stability is needed between the connected machines. Otherwise, accurate data will be hard to achieve.

But, these issues will be sorted out soon. And, the advantages of Industry 4.0 will surely outrun its disadvantages. By introducing the IoT and connected devices into their system, businesses can enhance their supply chain and have a stout control over things. Moreover, it can help businesses to streamline the production process and ensure better outputs.

Production giants like China and Indonesia can achieve massive benefits for Industry 4.0. It doesn’t only make production faster but controls other influential factors such as cost and quality. Companies willing to take a huge leap into this new technology will gain mass benefits from Industry 4.0, while others will lag behind and miss out a bunch of opportunities in the future.