Home Industrial Intelligent Building Investments will Cross $20 Billion till 2025
Intelligent Building Investments will Cross $20 Billion till 2025

Intelligent Building Investments will Cross $20 Billion till 2025


The demand for Internet of Things and connected devices is mounting to a new level. Many industries are swiftly shifting towards Industry 4.0. – A common platform for connected technology.

Amongst all, modern buildings are adopting connected technology rapidly. The global spending on IoT for buildings will reach $21 billion until 2025. As stated by Navigant Research – The IoT for buildings will surpass $20 billion in 2025, up from $6.7 billion in 2017.

IoT for buildings is a common topic regularly put forth by different media platformss. Unlike other sectors, integrating IoT in buildings is not a piece of cake. The challenges revolve around previous constructions, and it is extremely hard to start everything from the scratch.

The report mentions that commercial building owners are hesitating to incorporate this new wave of technology in their properties. However, leveraging IoT will provide better insights on various infrastructures of buildings such as energy consumption, equipment, and operational activities. This, in turn, will provide building owners access to real-time data for sustainability and productivity.

Research Analyst of Navigant Research stated that “Leveraging Internet-connected devices that collect and communicate data and software for data aggregation and analysis, IoT-enabled intelligent building solutions are secure, scalable, and interoperable.” Implementing IoT technology will make buildings smarter, and allow people to take precautionary actions before any major incident occurs. Simply put, IoT and connected technology will offer a secure environment to live and work.

The IoT technology will soon take over every industry, and construction industry is no exception. Connected building will offer a plethora of advantages.

  • Smart buildings can optimize energy consumption, and cut costs on every corner.
  • Cameras and the ability to stream footage from a surveillance camera to a laptop can increase safety.
  • Smart buildings can monitor every infrastructural aspect.
  • Smart buildings are equipped with high-speed internet connection.
  • Smart buildings can adapt to the lifestyle of people. It can automatically adjust heating, lighting, air condition and ventilation.

As the investment for smart buildings is going up, we can assume more innovations will be on our doorstep soon. Massive technological appraisals in connected buildings will enable us to rejoice the extraordinary offerings of IoT. However, IoT experts should also come up with strong security protocols. Otherwise, the safety and security of these building might be in jeopardy. The increasing cyber threats are affecting every industry, and the safety of smart buildings is still vulnerable to these increasing attacks.