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Drones Will Be Used to Improve farming using IoT Technology

Drones Will Be Used to Improve farming using IoT Technology


Global population is escalating at a tremendous rate. Soon, the world needs to come-up with innovative agricultural practices to supply enough food. According to PwC – the global population will reach 9 billion until 2050 if it keeps on rising at this rate. Agricultural product consumption will increase by 80%, and the world can suffer from food crisis. World Bank has also stated that the production of agriculture goods bust increase by 50% by 2050.

But all of this can be solved with the “Internet of Things.” Within the next few years, farmers will use drones to improve their agricultural practices. Gartner has explained that the production of drones has increased by 37% in 2017 compared to previous year, and the numbers will keep going up. So, without wasting much time let’s see how drones will improve agricultural practices.


Today, drones can effectively plant seeds and look after the crops, thanks to the advanced feature invented by start-up IT companies. They can enhance the overall production by 70% and reduce planting costs by 80%. Besides that, drones can also implant nutrients into the soil, and provide adequate energy to the crops.


Water is precious! And it’s not meant to be wasted around fields. Drones can be fitted with thermal sensing systems to detect the moisture of the soil. With assistance from drones, farmers can allocate water resources effectively by realizing the dry and wet sections of the field. Currently, farmers in the western countries are using remote sensing equipment to irrigate their farms. But with drones in action, farmers can manage their water resources more efficiently.

Spray and Monitor Crops

Drones can effectively improve the crop spraying and monitoring activities.

In regards to crop spraying, drones can scan the ground and spray the right amount of fertilizers and pesticide. Farmers will be safe from chemicals and the task can be completed in a fraction of the time.

On the other hand side, farmers can remotely monitor their crops. Drones integrated with IoT sensors can detect the development of crops and identify inefficiencies, allowing farmers can gain invaluable insights and improve production.

The points mentioned above are only a few examples; drones are capable of so much more. With right idea and plan, farmers can improve the use of the resource, mitigate waste, and increase productivity.