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Four IoT Fitness Devices to Keep You Away from Fitness Centers

Four IoT Fitness Devices to Keep You Away from Fitness Centers


Time and again, we end up in a gym or a fitness center, but nothing seems to work when it comes to staying fit. Our fitness trainers suggest us some workouts, but do they acquire the adequate knowledge about our body? We are tired of the hassles, and want a swift route towards our fitness goals. Ever considered a fitness device that works without manual intervention? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Our hectic lifestyle demands easy-way-out exercises and fitness strategies. And, thanks to the Internet of Things we have an abundance of fitness gadgets to eliminate the requirement of joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer.

Smart Mat

Recently, there has been an exponential rise in yoga practices. The concept incepted in India, which has encircled fitness fanatics from across the globe. With such extensive no of practitioners, it makes sense to design an IoT device dedicated to yoga.

Smart mat is an intelligent device that takes your yoga practice to the next level. When connected to a tablet or a smartphone, this device provides detailed information about your postures. Smart mat also suggests a series of movements to calibrate your body size, shape, and personal limitations. The data is stored in your SmartMat Application, allowing your smart mat to tell you when your body is out of balance. However, the data will automatically update once you improve your practices.


Ever wanted to know how many calories you munch down in each meal? If yes, then HAPIfork might be the right tool for you. This handy device detects the motion of your body, and calculates the amount of calorie in each meal. The gathered data is later filtered to provide you the information about your eating speed, style, and frequency.

As we know diet is the primary key to stay fit, this device will ensure that you consume the right amount of food every time. That’s why Hapifork is the best calorie tracking device on the market.

 Nike Fuel

Why hire a fitness trainer when your pair of snickers can do it for you? Yes, I am talking about the Nike Fuel. This innovative footwear accurately tracks the distance travelled and calorie burned. The data is stored in a cloud platform, allowing you to know your daily progress.

And, it’s not just about your morning exercise. Nike Fuel is a universal wearable device designed for measuring every kind of activity. From your morning run to a big night out, this device keeps the record of your entire day activities. Besides, it is fashionable and looks pretty cool.


Burning calorie is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be with the range of smart fitness accessories from FitBit. FitBit bands provide you the right motivation and knowledge to keep you going. It allows you to know the calories you burn every day by evaluating your activity level. From smart fitness watches to wristbands, FitBit comes in a variety of design to suit your needs.

Summing Up

IoT devices are simple yet smart solutions to help you stay fit. IoT fitness devices ensure predictive healthcare and prevent you from overspending in hospitals and health institutes. Simply put, IoT fitness devices are the best fitness solutions.