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Why Should We Stop Using Wearables

Why Should We Stop Using Wearables


The recent innovation in technology has offered us one of the most innovative assortment of devices – Wearable Gadgets.

The blind faith people have in their wearable devices is head baffling. It seems everyone is seeking a new product that undermines the functionality of their previous devices. While gadget freaks are ready to pour buckets of dollars in wearable tech, they are undermining the most important fact. Are they really worth investing in?

Before you buy your next fancy wearable, consider these four bitter facts.

Limited Functions

According to a research conducted by Ericsson Consumer Lab, more than 10 percent wearable users in the U.S.A, the U.K., Japan and South Korea have stopped using their wearable gadgets. Most of the users complain wearable devices have fewer functions when compared to the price. Others say that it’s tedious to charge them every time considering the limitations.

Dependable Products

More than 15% wearable users complain that their wearables are not stand alone products. To make them fully functional, you have to connect them to your smartphone or tablet. Simply put, why use your smartwatch when you have to connect them to your phone? You can do all that or even more by using your phone. Yes, receiving an email on your watch can be fancy, but why would you pay hundreds of dollars for that.

No Built-In Internet

Come on manufacturers, we are living in the 21st century! Designing a smart gadget without internet connection is synonymous with making a pizza without cheese.

Most wearable devices on the market lack 3G or 4G connectivity, this is one of the many reasons why people hesitate to buy them. Smart watches are remote devices and it is impossible to remain connected to the Wi-Fi every time. Instead of integrating lousy functions, manufacturers should design their products to cater the needs of modern individuals.

Poor Smartphone Integration

More than 17% users mentioned that they have a hard time connecting their wearable devices with their smartphones. If wearables are so much dependent on smartphone functionality, connecting both should be a seamless process. For this, you’ll need to match the manufacturers. For instance, an Apple watch you’ll need an iPhone for the best integration.

So, what do you think? With all the flaws, is it a good bargain to invest in wearable devices?