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Modern Smart Wearable Demand Multi-Directional Platforms

Modern Smart Wearable Demand Multi-Directional Platforms


The extensive range of wearable gadgets has bombarded the tech market. From smartwatches to cufflinks, fitness bands to trackers, smart t-shirts to socks, different wearable devices have been prioritized by customers from all across the globe. People are delighted to use wearable accessories with data transformation system. The sales of IoT enabled devices such as smartwatches and fitness bands are skyrocketing.

A recent study conducted by Argus has revealed that customers are satisfied with the smart wearable devices. However, transporting data to other devices using different application seems to be a problem. Consumers want easy access to easy-to-use IoT application platforms to store and analyze the data collected by their wearable devices.

More Innovative Applications are Needed

Though the market is jam-packed with innovative wearable gadgets, the applications required to support them are not. Such devices will be much appreciated if application tools are competitive, supportive, and incorporated into a multi-directional platform to enable users to use different application from a single source.

Nike and Jawbone Apps Doing Good While Fitbit Trailing Behind

A recent study stated that sports companies such as Nike and Jawbone are receiving good ratings for their applications, whereas Fit-Bit and Samsung are not getting any good reviews from the customers. The primary reason seems to be the trouble in data transmission, and technical drawbacks on application installation.

Customers Need to be Upgraded with More Technical Innovation

Though the demand for wearable devices is increasing by leaps and bounds, customers still avoid applications to use different features. They are interested in the multi-faceted platform which allows them to handle different devices and applications from a single source.

Wearable devices must be integrated with latest content sharing and data management platform with easy to use options. Jawbone has upgraded its application and improved the data transmission process, which has made it one of the best wearable IoT application platforms. My point of concern is that wearable device manufacturers should perform extensive research to develop wearable apps with fast data transmission /interpretation option.